When winter is here, the first sign of the season is dryness. Not just skin dryness, our hair and scalp as well start getting dehydrated which is where good serums and hair oils step in. The Ayurvedic system advocates the selection of oil according to the season. According to Ayurveda, mustard oil and almond oil are said to be good for winter. Sesame seed (til) oil is said to be good for all seasons, while coconut oil, olive oil and sunflower oil are said to be good for summer. However, coconut oil is also applied on the hair in all seasons.

DIY Amla Oil 

amla oil

We can make our own hair oil at home by combining a base oil with some natural ingredients. To make amla hair oil, you need to grind some dry amla and mix it with 100 ml coconut oil. Stire in a glass bottle and keep it out in the sun every day for 15 days. Then strain and use the oil. 

DIY Brahmi Oil

brahmi oil leaves

Another one is that of brahmi leaves. Simmer dry brahmi leaves or even fresh would do, in 150 ml water until 25 ml evaporates. Then add around 300 ml coconut oil and simmer on low heat till all the water evaporates and only the oil is left. 

Dry Brittle Hair Solution

If you are suffering from very dry and brittle hair then mix one part of castor oil with two parts coconut oil. Heat them together and apply like hot oil. In winter, you can apply this oil twice a week but if you have oil scalp the try to avoid using the oil. 

Ones with dandruff can apply it twice a week as well. 

In case of hair loss issue, do not do a thorough champi as by doing so, the weak roots break and this could cause even more damage. So just apply the oil with your fingertips and move your fingers in a circular motion on your scalp with a light hand. 

Coconut Oil

coconut oil sh

The most popular oil in India is coconut oil. It has so many benefits ranging from hair strengthening to making your tresses smooth and shiny. It also stimulates blood circulation which is excellent for your hair follicles and also softens the texture of your hair. 

You can also use coconut oil with the curry leaves which helps in restoring your hair health. Just add the oil to curry leaves and boil them until a black residue is formed. Cool the solution and then use the black residue on your scalp. Keep it for a minimum of 1 hour and use it 2 to 3 times a week. 

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Curry leaves are said to have nutritive elements, like antioxidants, that help in reviving your hair health reaching the roots, promoting hair growth. It also has minerals like phosphorous, iron, calcium, folic acid and vitamin C, B, A, and E. 

Make a paste of curry leaves and apply on the hair and keep it for 30 minutes and wash it off.


Almond Oil

If you have dry and damaged hair, apply this oil as it strengthens your hair.

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Olive Oil

Olive oil suits dandruff prone hair which is great for restoring the normal acid-alkaline balance of the scalp. Warm oil works better on the scalp and skin of the body, as it helps better absorption.

So which oil resonates the most with you? 

Shehnaz Husain is a well known beauty and wellness expert whose remedies are followed like holy grail by many of us. So stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such remedies from her.