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    Here Are Some Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Flaxseed Face Masks For Flawless Youthful Glow!

    Here are some marvellous beauty benefits of using flax seeds face masks to get a naturally glowing skin.
    Published -02 Mar 2021, 09:57 ISTUpdated -24 Mar 2022, 18:22 IST
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    A fiber crop that is majorly cultivated in the cooler regions of the world which is also one of the most healthful sources of nutrients is flax seeds. These seeds are powerhouses of nutrients and micronutrients that not only support and boost our health but also are great for your skin. They give your skin a naturally healthy glow making it clearer and brighter in a short span of time. 

    Apart from that, these seeds have been trusted for skin care and hair care for ages and have recently gained more popularity because of the promising results they show. So, if you are looking out for that perfect natural ingredient to suit your skin and provide you the best results flax seeds are the way to go. Take a look at some beauty benefits of using flax seeds for glowing skin and how it can help you.

    Flax Seeds Can Make You Look Younger

    flax seeds face mask  

    These seeds are known to make your skin age slowly. Many elements of flax seeds can help you get rid of the fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and other signs of ageing that appear on your skin. 

    Not only that, the usage of flax seeds for the skin also promotes more elastic and clear skin. Plus, flax seeds also prevent the skin from sagging and make it tight and naturally youthful.

    They Give Your Face A Healthful Glow

    Flax Seeds are filled with antioxidants that are known to preserve the skin by fighting the free radicals that are present that cause damage to it. This makes the skin glow from within, when everything is right inside, it shows on your face too. Therefore use flax seeds for your skin for sure.

    Keep Your Skin Moisturised

    The fact that flax seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids is the reason why it has the capability of making you look super bright and beautiful. The omega 3 fatty acids help your skin become more hydrated and retain the moisture inside. This further prevents the skin from looking dull or undernourished.

    Help Reduce Acne And Pimples

    flax seeds face mask

    Another very common reason why this seed is becoming popular in the beauty industry is the amazing effect it has on acne and pimples. A major chunk of the population is suffering from acne and pimple(onion peels for acne and pimples) problems and these seeds are great to help you solve that issue. They balance out the estrogen levels in the body and control sebum production to stop acne.

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    Replenish The Skin

    Apart from all these benefits, these seeds are also seen producing great results to replenish the skin completely. Regular use of a face mask made with these seeds can actually help you get brighter and better skin within some days.

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    Flax Seed Face Mask Recipe And Application

    flax seeds face mask


    • 1 Tablespoon Fuller’s Earth Or Multani Mitti
    • 1 Tablespoon Flax Seed
    • Honey


    • Take some ground flax seed and mix them with water. Now to this paste add some Multani mitti, give it a good stir and then add a tablespoon of honey into this mixture. Mix well again and then using your fingers, apply the mask to your face. 
    • Leave the mask on for some time and then wash it off with water to reveal a shiny and glowing skin.

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