Also known as kapur, camphor is commonly used in Indian households for daily puja or religious ceremonies. However, we are sure that not many of you know that this small translucent square can do wonders for your hair.

Camphor is one ingredient that can help you deal with a lot of your hair problems including hair fall, dandruff, dry scalp, grey hair among others. Now that we are all at home, this is the time to try natural ways to treat our hair problems. You can use camphor oil on your hair to solve your hair issues. 

How To Make Camphor Oil At Home?


  • 2 pieces camphor
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil

camphor oil how to make

  • In a pan, add coconut oil and warm on the gas. 
  • Next, add camphor to it and let it dissolve. 
  • Your homemade camphor oil is ready. 

Benefits Of Using Homemade Camphor Oil

camphor oil hair thick healthy

  • If you are dealing with premature greying of hair then camphor oil is the best oil for your hair. Camphor is a natural remedy to delay hair greying. 
  • Lice are another common problem women, especially with long hair, deal with. Applying camphor oil before you shampoo your hair helps. Camphor has a strong fragrance that helps in killing the lice. It thoroughly cleanses your hair scalp. It works as a disinfecting agent for your hair. 
  • Our hair starts to lose the shine and softness as it gets exposed to polluted air and harmful rays of the sun. Applying camphor oil is the best way to get back those soft and beautiful tresses. It also helps in improving your hair texture.
camphor for hair oil benefits
  • Treat dandruff by using a mix of camphor oil and lemon juice. These two ingredients work well to completely wash off dandruff from your scalp. Apply this oil and lemon juice mix on your hair for 30 minutes and then wash with a mild shampoo. 
  • To prevent hair loss, you can use camphor oil along with olive oil. These 2 oils make your hair follicles strong and prevent hair fall. 

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  • Who doesn't wish for long hair? For the same, use camphor oil along with egg on your hair. Apply the mask and keep it for some time. Wash and follow with regular shampoo.
  • Bald spots are another common problem women face today. To treat these patches, you can use camphor oil along with fenugreek seeds. 
  • You can also use camphor oil along with essential oils like lavender. This mix deeply nourishes your hair and makes your hair grow long and healthy. 
  • If you have an itchy scalp or an itchy area in your scalp, applying camphor oil helps in cooling down that part.

Camphor oil is great for your hair health. It has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties that help you keep any infections at bay. There are different ways you can use it on your hair to treat your hair problems. However, you need to understand that the results may vary depending on your hair type or issue and you may not get to see the results in just one go. Keep following this hair care routine regularly for the best results. 

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