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    Suffering From Hair Issues Like Thinning And Dryness? Start Using This Homemade Onion Oil

    Use this homemade hair regularly to prevent issues like hair fall, hair thinning, dullness among others. 
    Published -07 Nov 2019, 08:30 ISTUpdated -11 May 2022, 18:33 IST
    homemade onion oil how to make

    Onions are one of the most consumed vegetables in the country but do you know they can do wonders for your hair? Onions help in strengthening the hair follicles, prevent hair fall and hair thinning among other hair problems. They are one of the best things you can use on your hair. 

    To enjoy the goodness of onions for your hair, one of the best ways of using it is by applying onion oil. Onion oil is not easily available in the market but you can always make it at home and the process is very easy. Using this onion oil regularly helps you make your hair strong and thick. Read on to know how to make onion oil at home.  

    How To Make Onion Oil?

    Ingredients Required 

    • Onions 
    • Coconut Oil


    First, take onions to make onion juice. Using a grinder or juice maker, take out the onion juice. If not juice, you can take onion paste to prepare the oil.

    Now in a pan, add coconut oil and add onion juice/paste in the oil. Mix well. Remove from flame and let it cool. Using a strainer, strain the oil and store it in a container. You can use this oil for 6 months. 

    How To Use Onion Oil?

    Part your hair from the center and start applying the oil on your scalp. Massage gently and let the scalp soak in the goodness of the oil. 

    Onion oil has some amazing benefits for your hair. Read on:

    homemade onion oil how to make benefits

    1. Onion oil conditions your hair deeply. It is great for dry hair. Dry hair tends to break more and using onion oil on the scalp prevents hair breakage. Dryness also leads to dandruff and regular applying of onion oil will prevent dandruff. If you don't have time to keep onion oil on your hair for long then don't worry, even if you apply this oil on your hair before you go for shampoo, it will work as a conditioner for your hair and smoothen your hair.

    2. By improving blood circulation in your scalp, onion oil helps you in achieving strong and thick hair.

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    3. Onion oil may smell bad but it has some amazing benefits. You will have to wash your hair well to wash off all the oil from your hair.

    4. If you have dull hair then using onion oil will help you get smooth and shiny hair.

    homemade onion oil making

    5. Using onion oil regularly on your hair helps in new hair growth. Onion oil prevents bacterial infections and keeps your hair healthy. 

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    Hair fall, dandruff, hair loss are some common hair issues we all face today. If you have been looking for a home remedy then nothing like using this onion oil.

    Do use it and share the results with us by commenting on our Facebook page. For more such beauty-related stories, stay tuned!

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