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This Is The Right Way To Back Comb Without Damaging Your Hair

Follow this guide to back comb your hair and detangle it back.
Published -14 Nov 2021, 13:00 ISTUpdated -14 Nov 2021, 00:38 IST
right way to back comb hair

Back combing or hair teasing is one of the easiest ways to give your hair volume. This tried and tested hair hack helps achieve instant lift and volume. Though back combing is a technique commonly done for most hairstyles, it has a bad reputation. If not done correctly, back combing can lead to hair damage and breakage. 

If you wish to learn the art of backcombing without damaging your hair, this quick guide is for you.

Prep Your Hair First

If you want that voluminous lift for your tresses, begin with prepping your hair. First, wash your hair with a shampoo. You can pick a voluminising shampoo or just go for a regular shampoo which helps cleanse your hair scalp well. Follow with a conditioner. Use a conditioner through the length of your hair. Keep for a few minutes and then rinse. 

Use a hair serum or gel to smoothen out and detangle your hair. Make sure you evenly distribute the product on your hair

Blow Dry Your Hair

The trick to create that volume is to blow dry your hair upside down. Set the hair dryer at a low temperature and then dry your hair upside down.

Section Your Hair For Back Combing

What area of your hair do you want to backcomb? The crown area or the whole head? Depending on the same, section your hair.

how to back comb

  • For instance, if you wish to back comb the crown area. Pull the front section of your hair and hold straight up. 
  • Use a brush or a fine tooth comb to tease your hair. Place your brush about halfway between your the ends and hair roots and firmly use brush strokes downwards towards the scalp. Repeat a few times till you see a lift in your hair. 
  • Don't get scared seeing your hair at this point, they may might look wild but you can comb it back and set it on place easily.
  • Use a normal brush or comb to brush out the top layer of your hair. Make sure the pressure is very light or you will lose the volume. 
  • Blend the hair together to hide the hair you have back combed. 
  • Finish off with a hair spray to set your hair in place.

How To Untangle Hair After Back Combing?

This is one thing every woman fears. Once our hair goes through back combing, we are constantly worrying about how we would detangle them without breaking and damaging them. Here are a few steps you should follow to detangle your hair without breaking or damaging them.
Be Gentle With Your Strokes 

When you want to brush the back combing out, be very gentle. Being harsh can lead to damage to your hair and even lead to hair loss. Use a detangling brush with soft bristles. Begin from the ends and slowly detangle your way up to the roots. 
Don't Shampoo First

back combing detangle

Instead of washing your hair with a shampoo after the event, use some conditioner. Part your hair and apply conditioner from the mid length to the roots. Apply generous amount on the areas you have back combed. Using a wide tooth comb, brush through your hair. Once detangled, wash them with a mild shampoo.
Stop Using Hair Styling Products

After you have back combed your hair for that event, give a break to your hair. When you back comb, you use a lot of hair spray which isn't really great for your tresses. Stay away from heat styling tools and products to give your hair that time to revive back.
We hope this guide helps you back comb your hair right. For more such beauty related stories, stay tuned! 

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