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    Struggling With Tangled Hair? These Tips Will Help You Detangle Your Hair Quickly

     If you have been struggling with your every day detangling process then this guide will help you detangle them easily.
    Updated at - 2018-09-13,14:49 IST
    ways to detangle your hair

    Tangling of hair is one of the biggest reasons behind hair fall. When it comes to hair care, you must maintain a regular detangling process which removes all the tangles from your hair and keeps them smooth and healthy. It also prevents knots in your hair which eventually lead to breakage of hair. Tangled hair are unmanageable and lead to a lot of problems while styling or washing your hair. If you have been struggling with your every day detangling process then this guide will help you detangle them easily:

    Condition Your Hair 

    condition your hair

    One of the best tricks to detangle your hair is using a good conditioner after washing your hair. Apply a good amount of conditioner in your hair through the ends. This will help you to detangle your hair easily as conditioner provides much-needed lubrication to your hair. It will make it easier for the comb to pass through and make the detangling process easier. 

    Take Small Sections 

    Detangling is a task, especially when you have long and heavy hair. When you sit down to detangle your hair, make sure you divide them into small sections and then start detangling them. Detangling all your hair at once will be a difficult task and you may not be able to detangle them properly. Take small sections and using a wide-tooth comb, slowly take out all the tangles. 

    Use A Wide-Tooth Comb

    wide tooth comb

    Your comb is the only tool you use while detangling your hair. Make sure you use a wide-tooth comb or brush with wide bristles as they help detangling your hair easily without breaking your hair. Using combs with tiny-teeth can cause pain and also lead to hair breakage. 

    Don't Style Your Hair Too Much 

    You may not realise but using hot styling tools frequently can damage your hair. If you blow dry, straighten or curl your hair almost every day then your hair will be exposed to a lot of heat and this will dry out your hair. Dry hair get tangled easily. It is best to not use styling tools for your hair to prevent them from getting dry and tangled. 

    Oil Your Hair 

    oiling hair

    Oiling is a great way to prevent your hair from getting dry and dull. An oil mask once a week is a must for your hair. One of the best oils for your hair is coconut oil which leaves your hair moisturised and healthy. Warm coconut oil and apply it on your hair at night. Wash out with shampoo next morning. This will keep your hair smooth and manageable. 

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    Tie Your Hair While Sleeping 

    When you sleep, make sure your tie up your hair loosely. You can tangle your hair while sleeping too. Yes, while you toss and turn in your bed, your hair can get tangled very badly. Tie them in a loose braid or a bun. This will prevent your hair from knotting and tangling up when you sleep. 

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