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Myths About Hair Conditioner And Right Ways To Use It

Did you know a hair conditioner protects your hair from environmental damage? Take a look!
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -11 Mar 2022, 16:39 ISTUpdated -11 Mar 2022, 16:58 IST
woman applying hair conditioner

Hair conditioning is one of the most parts of our hair care routine. Women who tend to skip it make one of the biggest mistakes. If you want to achieve gorgeous hair, you need to follow the right steps of applying a hair conditioner and do not believe the myths that surround it. 

What Is A Hair Conditioner And Its Use? 

It is a hair product that improves the appearance of your strands. A hair conditioner makes the locks more manageable by reducing friction between them. Thus, it allows the hair to pass smoothly through the teeth of a comb. It also prevents environmental factors from damaging the lustre of locks. 

The hair conditioner allows you to achieve the perfect locks that seem like a far-fetched dream. It protects strands from pollution, dust, dirt, heat from styling tools. It also ensures maintaining the hydration level and keeps the locks healthy.

Best Way To Apply Hair Conditioner

Yes! There are a series of steps to apply a hair conditioner. When to use it? How to apply it? All these questions will get answered in the steps below.

apply hair conditioner

Rinse-Off Excess Water

When you apply hair conditioner, the locks must not be soaking wet. They must be damp. The product works best with damp locks and prevents hair fall as well. Once you are done washing your strands with a shampoo, twist them together with light hands to rinse off excess water. You can also wrap a towel for 10 minutes after washing, and apply a hair conditioner after that.

Apply Only On Length

Hair conditioner is not for the scalp or roots, but it is for the length. Take some amount in your hands, and rub the palms together so that the product spreads evenly on your hands. Apply it on the length in the downward direction. It will help you achieve smooth locks.

Keep It For A Few Minutes

The hair conditioner needs to rest on the locks so that it can start working. Therefore, after applying the product, leave it for at least 2-3 minutes before rinsing off. It will help tame the frizz and prevent hair fall due to breakage.

Rinse Every Inch Of Strands

When you have done waiting, rinse your hair thoroughly. It is one of the biggest hair care mistakes. It will help you get rid of any slipperiness. A pro tip for every woman is to comb her hair before washing. It will detangle the locks and prevent hair fall during washing and conditioning.

Myths Around Hair Conditioning


Conditioner Makes Hair Oily

No! The conditioner does not make your strands oily. The greasiness is the result of a build-up of natural oil near the roots on the scalp. Not rinsing properly or applying excess shampoo or oil can also lead to oily hair even after the wash. Use the right amount of every product and follow thorough rinsing. You will never complain about this issue again.

Conditioner Is Applied Only To Tips

No! Conditioner is not only for the tips, but it for the entire length, except for the roots and scalp. If you apply it from the base of the scalp to the tips, you will extract the maximum nutrients from the product. It will also make your locks shiny and smooth.

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Benefits Of Conditioner Remains In The Boundaries Of The Shower

No! If you follow the right steps and use the right conditioner, you can extract maximum benefits from the product. A good conditioner maintains a shiny texture for at least 2-3 days.

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Conditioning Leads To Hair Fall

No! Unless the product contains harmful chemicals, conditioning does not lead to hair fall. The work of conditioner is to detangle hair and offer nourishment to locks. It prevents breakage and damage of strands. 

Follow the above tips, and share your experience in the Facebook comments. Stay tuned with HerZindagi for more such stories. 


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