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HZ Tried And Tested: Himalayan Organics Coconut Milk Face Cream Detailed Review

I recently got my hands on this face cream by Himalayan Organics. Should you buy it? Read my review. 
Published -14 Mar 2022, 11:00 ISTUpdated -14 Mar 2022, 11:02 IST
himalayan organics coconut milk face cream detailed review

Your beauty bag is incomplete without a moisturising face cream. It is crucial to slather on your skin with a face cream after face cleansing everyday to keep it smooth and soft throughout the day. Recently, I started using this face cream from the Himalayan Organics. Is it worth investing in? Read my detailed review.


face cream himalayan organics

Himalayan Organics Coconut Milk Brightening & Anti-Fine Lines Face Cream has healing properties that help the skin maintain radiance while ensuring continuous glow and a smooth texture. Its soft creaminess gives you clear and hydrated skin along with promoting thorough protection of the skin against the environment. Made with the goodness of Coconut, Sweet Almond, Sahajan, Ashwagandha, and Gotu Kola, this cream is a perfect part of your daily skincare regime for supreme skin.

  • Skin Enrichment
  • Rich In Antioxidants 
  • Restores Skin Balance


  • Coconut
  • Ashwagandha
  • Sahajan
  • Gotu Kola


coconut milk face cream review

INR 955 for 50 ML

You can get the product at INR 499 with the ongoing sale.


coconut milk face cream

This coconut milk brightening and anti-fine lines face cream came in a green and white cardboard box which had all the product details. The product came in a sturdy plastic tub with a golden cap.


If you are a fan of soothing, subtle fragrances then this face cream won't disappoint you. This coconut milk face cream has a light fragrance that stays for long. The texture isn't very thick like most face creams. It is very light on the skin.

My Experience 

Coconut has always been my favourite ingredient when it comes to beauty. For years now, this one natural ingredient has been a part of my skincare closet in some way or the other. Coconut face scrubs to hand creams, I have used it all and can say that it has transformed my skincare through these years. Packed with moisturising properties, coconut has the power to deeply nourish our skin and that's what we want out of a good skincare product. Right?

I wasn't very skeptical when I got this coconut milk face cream. The product claimed to have the goodness of coconut milk and it didn't disappoint. Extracted from mature coconuts, coconut milk is quite nourishing for the skin. 

himalayan organics claims cream

I have been using this face cream for some time now and can say that it has all the qualities to make it permanently to my beauty closet.

The face cream is light, subtle in fragrance, moisturising, everything a face cream should be. Honestly, the reason I invested in the face cream was for the brightening part. Over time, I felt my skin had lost that natural glow and wanted a face cream that takes care of that and it did. I don't have prominent ageing signs on my face so can't say if it will work as a good anti-ageing cream too.

Overall, this face cream is a good buy for its moisturising properties and natural goodness.

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  • Light on the skin
  • Soothing fragrance 
  • Keeps skin moisturised for long
  • Absorbs in quickly
  • Made with natural ingredients 
  • Lifts face glow instantly 


  • A little expensive for the original price


If you are hunting for a face cream that not only keeps your skin moisturised for long but also brightens your face and reduces the appearance of your ageing signs then you can invest in this one without a second thought. The price might look on the higher side but you can get it at a good deal if you buy it online during a sale.

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