Hair fall is one big problem we all face today. All those who face this problem try every possible treatment to stop hair from falling. Expert Dr. Ajay Rana, Founder, and Director of ILAMED shared with us that the most likely cause of scalp hair loss is androgenetic alopecia (AGA). The underlying cause of female AGA is believed to be related to the production of androgenetic (male) hormones and their effect on the hair follicle—the same underlying cause responsible for male androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

What Causes Hairfall In Women

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Hair loss in women can occur for reasons other than female pattern baldness like breaking of hair from treatments and twisting or pulling of hair, certain skin diseases that lead to scarring of the hair follicles; hormonal abnormalities, iron deficiency or vitamin deficiency, medications such as chemotherapy, temporary shedding of hair after a major illness, surgery, or pregnancy.

Hair Thinning

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Hair thinning in women is different from that of male pattern of baldness. In female hair thins mainly on the top and crown of the scalp. The hair loss rarely progresses to baldness in women rarely develop the “cue-ball” appearance often seen in male-pattern androgenetic alopecia. Female pattern baldness does not mean that a woman has a medical disorder.

Hair Products Like Shampoos And Conditioners Can Be Harmful 

To stop hair fall problem many people use expensive cosmetics, conditioners and shampoos available in the market. But many people don’t understand that the effect of these cosmetics might harm scalp of their hair root. A better understanding of what shampoo and conditioner does may help with this question. 

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Shampoo is a cleaner, it’s supposed to get all the dirt and grime out of your hair. Hair products are extensively used because hair is that aspect of your appearance which completes your look. Shampoos, conditioners, gels and serums may make your hair look perfect for the day, but in the long run, they are doing nothing but damage to your hair. Such cosmetics effect the hair quantity and quality, excessive dandruff, thinning of hair or redness of the scalp.

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Stop Using Hairsprays

Hairsprays are even more dangerous as they can result in scalp damage and permanent discoloration of hair. Hair colors and hair dyes are next to toxic as allergic reactions can cause burning, redness, itchy scalp, breathing difficulties and facial swelling. The chemicals in hair dyes are toxic and can cause diseases like cancer, reproductive failure, and damage to the lungs.

Laser Treatments Do Not Harm Your Health

Today, many people use modern technologies like a laser to get rid of hair fall problems. But, many people have these misconceptions like Laser and aesthetic medicine treatment causes hair reduction that will be harmful to health, can damage internal organs. But the fact is the depth of laser penetration is 1-4 mm, it reaches only the hair follicles, and then is completely dissipated and does not penetrate deeper.

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Here are some more tips which you should keep in mind to prevent hair fall:

  • Stop using styling tools on your hair as they damage your hair.
  • Make sure you eat healthy and nutritious foods that make your hair strong and shiny. 
  • Cover your head with a cloth whenever you step out of the house to prevent your hair from polluted air. 
  • Detangle your hair when they are completely dry to prevent hair breakage. 
  • Condition your hair with oiling atleast once a week.