Fashion designer Masaba Gupta has curly hair and we all know that managing them is no joke. They dry out very quickly and the frizz does not spare us either. Masaba gave out some tips on how she deals with her curly locks and saves them from drying out. So before wasting any time let's get o with those tips.

To deal with curly hair and have a good hair day, she said:

Understand what kind of curls you have, that's really important to know what will work or not. We all have a different kind of curly hair, some could be heavy ringlets, some just have wavy hair and some of us are stuck between curly and wavy hair. So first find out which type do you belong to.


Curly hair dries out a lot, so always have ample moisturising ingredients in all your products. So opt for serum and a good conditioner to moisturise and hydrate your locks. 

Never brush through your curly hair when it's dry, especially when you have tight curls. If you have been brushing out your curly hair and let then dry out naturally or air-dry. 

When your hair is soaking wet in the shower, take a lot (2 palm fulls) of conditioner, douse your hair with it and then comb it out gently. 

Use warm olive oil in your hair on a Sunday for a few hours and then wash your hair. 

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Besides giving these tips to a leading lifestyle website, Masaba Gupta spoke on how she is managing her business in the midst of this quarantine. 

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She did stress that it is a difficult time but her close-knit team can totally handle it. She said: "the biggest challenge at this time is to keep the team motivated, and the only way we can do that is by creating together, so we are all still working and still creating to keeping ourselves sane."

How is she managing? Masaba said: "Meditation. Meditation always works for me apart from that journaling and just putting your thoughts down where you can see them always helps you centre yourself."