Being the daughter of actress Neena Gupta, who was born out of wedlock, something, not just the Indian society but most patriarchal cultures cannot digest, She has faced multiple judgments. Besides having different features and not the typical petite woman with a dusky complexion, she was also criticised during her journey to success but has never backed down.

Celebrated Fashion Designer Masaba Gupta, who can currently be seen on Netflix show Masaba Masaba, and has supported the Olay campaign #FaceAnything, which is to encourage women to be fearless and stand up for what they believe in, addressed a number of subjects including the Indian patriarchal structure and how people associate a woman's character with the way she dresses, in an interview with me.

It Is Often Not That Easy To Face Everything Out There, Many Don't Even Share Their Problems. How Do You Face It All?

I don't think I really think about facing things. I believe that you have to go out and face the day no matter what it's like and then think about how you did it later. I don't think so hard about it.  I do have a very supportive mother. We do need that light. I think we need very supportive parents. We need parents who teach us compassion but we also need to have, create a circle around us with friends and who we spend our time with and whom we work with. We also need to be equally supportive otherwise it can be a very tough experience for anyone. 

You Still Have A Supporting Mother, But So Many Do Not. They Do Not Have Any Support At All! Isn't That One Light We All Need?

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In my professional life, there was a certain moment when ... I think a lot number of times not many people take design seriously as a profession they think it is more do with fun and games, something which anybody can do. It at times gets very hard for me to get people to take me seriously as a businesswoman, so that really had me questioning myself and wondering if fashion really is seriously going to work.

How Do I Take To Criticism?

I just feel what I feel. If it hurts me, it hurts me, if it doesn't it doesn't, if I have to fight it out, I do that. It completely depends on the kind of criticism. 

What Is Your Take On The Patriarchal Structure Of Our 'Indian Society'?

The patriarchal structure of our society is so deeply rooted in our system that it will be hard to break.  I just feel like social media is a very small but impactful factor but unless you can reach the homes of the people where patriarchy exists and where it is kind of taking over, you cannot really make a change. 

Off Late Fashion Is Being Criticised, People Tend To Judge On What You Wear. Your Take?

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Of course, I think people associate a woman's character with the way she dresses. It is sad but true but I also think it is the same thing with men.  You will automatically take to a man who is in a suit, wearing good shoes as opposed to somebody who is not really bothered about how they are dressed.  But if you ask me, with women it is worse because we are immediately labelled as an easy woman or a prude or somebody who is slutty or .. well there are various words used for women. My opinion is of course that we should never be told what to wear or be judges basis what we wear. 

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Message For Our HerZindagi Readers

As a woman the one thing that has inspired me is that I employ a lot of people, I provide work and jobs and security to a lot of people. I don't have any business to not keep going.  I am very motivated in that sense but I think I have a fear of being mediocre so that is what keeps me going. 

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