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    Brilliant Eye makeup Hacks That You Should Try This Monsoon

    Monsoon is surely lovely but can be hard on your makeup. So, here are some eye makeup hacks to try this monsoon.
    Updated at - 2021-08-15,12:00 IST
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    Monsoon season is our most favourite season because of the water pouring, earthy smell, greenery all over and the pleasant weather. However, you don’t love it so much while applying makeup as you know it’s going to get destroyed in the rains.

    If you want to apply makeup without worrying about the rains, then here are some easy eye makeup hacks for you to try this season and look flawless.

    Prime Your Eyelids

    primer monsoon makeup hacks

    This is not actually a hack but something that is necessary and shouldn’t be skipped by you in any season. However, people mostly forget this but let me tell you priming your eyelids can make a big difference as it can make your makeup last all day long.

    If you feel like an eyeshadow primer is just a waste of money, then you can always use a regular one. If you don’t have a primer at all, then you can just dab on some concealer and set it with powder.

    Powder Your Lashed

    powder monsoon makeup hacks

    Using setting powder between mascara coats will be really helpful, especially during the monsoon season as it will let your mascara stay on for long and doesn’t smudge. Along with this, the trick will help your eyelashes to look voluminous.

    Take a disposable mascara wand and dust some loose powder over it. Now, gently sweep it over your lashes and it will make sure to keep your mascara protected from rain.

    Set Your Eyeliner

    We normally avoid eyeliner during the monsoon season because it's going to vanish in a few hours. However, if you want to keep your mascara on even after lunch time, then you should not forget to set it.

    Take some eyeshadow of the same colour as the eyeliner and pat it all over your eyeliner. This will keep your eyeliner in place all day long and will make sure that it doesn’t smudge.

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    Avoid Powder Eyeshadows

    We are sure that you love your powder eyeshadow palette but you should stay away from it during the rainy season because it fades away very quickly. Instead of using this, use a cream eyeshadow.

    If you don’t have one, then there is a simple trick for you. Simply apply a base powder eyeshadow and lock it in with some clear gloss. This will give you beautiful gloss eyelids and will also let it stay all day long.

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    Ombre Effect

    ombre monsoon makeup hacks

    Create an eye-catching eyeshadow effect with ombre by blending a lighter colour into a darker one. Start with the inner corner of your eyes and put the lighter shade on three quarters of your eyelashes. Now, take a darker colour and put it on the outer corner of your eyelid.

    Now, take a sponge and blend the middle section where the two colours are meeting and give your eyes a perfect ombre effect.

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    Powder Your Eyes

    Once you are finished dust your eyes with powder in order to make it stay longer. Along with your eyes, dust your full makeup with face powder in order to look flawless all day long. 

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