Essential Makeup Brushes That Every Woman Must Own

Fill your makeup bag with essential brushes to achieve an impeccable finish every day.

Krati Purwar
makeup tools for perfect look

Makeup is an integral part of every routine of innumerable women. It helps us highlight our best features and feel confident. But makeup is only as good as the products and tools of application.

Therefore, we bring you an article to discuss the essential brushes that every woman in makeup must own. Let us discuss their functionalities for the everyday application of beauty products.

Contour Brush

What would you do to blend multiple shades of contour? You need a dense contouring brush that can blend the products to create a natural shadow. It is essential, or you will end up with some parts of your face darker than the other.

A contour brush is angled and has soft bristles that spread the beauty product with minimal effort. You can also use it to apply a highlighter and bronzer. It will help you achieve an impeccable contrast near your hairline.

Foundation Brush

foundation brush

Our makeup is incomplete without foundation. It is the base of every flawless finish. But how can you achieve non-cakey texture without a designated tool of application? Hence, the foundation brush joins the list of essentials.

It is bigger in size compared to the concealer brush because you need to cover a large part of your face with it. It allows the product to get evenly absorbed in the skin and helps you achieve an impeccable base for applying the rest of the beauty products.

Eye Liner Brush

How can you achieve a perfect winged liner without a liner brush? It is a thin tool with a small but sharp tip that glides smoothly on the eyelids. With this brush, you can work close to the lash lines as possible.

There are liner brushes that come with a tilted tip. This helps with achieving impeccable wings. The tilt also prevents smudging and smearing, which can end you up doing the eye makeup from the scratch.

Blending Brush

eye shadow brush

A coveted blending brush is a necessity to get the perfect eye shadow and contour (contouring do's and don'ts). It prevents the eyeshadow from creasing around the lids and corners and creates a seamless blend of various shades of contour around the nose.

It helps you blend colours into each other while creating a blended contrast that adds a natural touch. It is a must-have in every makeup bag so that you do not end up with the accumulation of any beauty product in one place.

Concealer Brush

A concealer brush is rounded with a dense top. It helps to blend the product to perfection and achieve a non-baked look. A little short in length, the brush is easy to hold and glide on the skin.

You can use it to dab the concealer and spread it around the corners of your eyes, nose, lips and acne. Instead of absorbing the entire product, it helps to brighten the dark skin patches.

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Double-Sided Eyeshadow Brush

makeup brushes

With a blending brush, you can only blend the shades. However, with an eyeshadow (eyeshadow hacks) brush, you can effortlessly apply the shades to perfection. You can reach the corners of your eyes and create an impeccable look near creases.

It will also help you apply eyeshadow near the lower lash line. It will create depth and help you achieve a smudged smokey look. It will also allow you to blend the multiple shades to create a seamless contrast.

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Powder Brush

Most compacts come with an applicator. But you need a brush to powder the area under your eyes or near the corner of your nose. It is larger and denser than the foundation brush. Hence, it distributes the beauty product throughout the face faster.

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