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5 Minute Eyeshadow Hacks You Need To Know!

Looking to ace your eye makeup game? Here are 5-minute eyeshadow hacks to help you out!
Published -22 Mar 2022, 12:51 ISTUpdated -22 Mar 2022, 12:59 IST
How to Apply  Eyeshadow in  Minutes

While makeup has outrageously been the most accepted form of self-love, acing the look seems like a task. Viral TikToks have been setting trends throughout the past 2 years, where some of them definitely failed their purpose, some have made their way helping us live our lives in a much more comfortable spot. 

Going through a million hacks at a time, here are the 5-minute hacks that will help you ace your makeup game tonight! 

Use A White Base To Your Eyeshadow 

white base eyeshadow

For times you want to want to go lighter on your eyeshadow colour, it is an ideal choice to shift to a white base than go in directly. For the same, you will require a white eyeliner/eyeshadow pencil. 

Apply an eye primer. That is the most essential part of doing your eye makeup post a good skincare regime. After letting your eye primer set, apply a coat of your white eyeliner/eyeshadow to your entire eyelid. Taking a makeup brush, blend the eyeliner/eyeshadow to your lid and set it using a setting powder. 

You can then go in with bright colours like lilac, pink, and yellow, which will come off with a radiant look! 

Hashtag Smokey Eye 

hashtag eyeshadow

Smokey eyes have been a tricky eye look to pull off! A viral trend set off on the internet, helping us achieve the right amount of smokey and effort. All you will need is an eye pencil. You can do this hack with any desired colour! 

Start by setting your eye for the makeup that’s coming along. Taking an eye pencil, draw a hashtag on the end of your crease that is inclining towards the outer corner of your eye. Taking a makeup brush, blend inwards. 

If you blend outwards, the smokey eye will turn a little bigger than you may want, but you can still try it if that’s what you’re looking for. Blending inwards, let the darker consistency be within the crease, decreasing the intensity as you go in further. 

Fill the hollow area with a desired shade of eyeshadow after you’re done creating the smokey effect. After applying both the eyeshadow shades, you can take a makeup brush a swiftly blend in the two to avoid harsh lines. 

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The Viral TikTok Eyeshadow Hack 

viral tik tok eyeshadow

TikTok has been creating a lot of viral trends that have made their way to our daily lives. People end up finding easy hacks to make our life as comfortable as possible. With all these hacks out there, they are not all successful as we try them out. This one is yet something that gives an exceptional result. 

For an eye look that will take you 15 minutes, you can now achieve with a 5-minute hack. 

Taking a tiny makeup brush, strike a coloured stroke of each colour that you desire on your eye. For a brown nude look, you will want to go with 5 different shades of brown, a minimum of one being a shimmer shaded eyeshadow. 

Keep the darkest shade on the outer corner, while the lightest ideally to be on the innermost.

After applying the 5 strokes, take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and start blending from the outer corner, enabling the darker eyeshadow to create the crease. 

Keep blending in until all the colours are perfectly blended and finish your look with a winged eyeliner. 

Using A Spoon To Create The Crease 

insidE  ()

A crease may seem like a difficult area to conquer but with this spoon hack, it will seem like the easiest thing to do! It will take you about 2 minutes to make the crease and the rest of 3 minutes to finish your entire look! 

All you will require is a spoon, metal or plastic. You can try the same hack with an eyelash curler. 

Taking the spoon, place it on your eyelid. For where the spoon ends, that’s exactly where your crease should set for the rest of your eye look. Taking the desired eyeshadow colour and makeup brush, start blending in taking portion by portion. 

After you’re done with the blending process, you can remove the spoon or the eyelash curler and find an extensively done crease to help you ace your eye look! 

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Eyeshadow Ombre Using A Tissue 

inside  ()

Never knew using a tissue could be this fun! Ombre eyeshadow is something we all have been loving recently and there’s no doubt in saying that it seems like a difficult look to ace. 

You can have the perfect ombre look using a piece of tissue if your eyeshadow brushes aren’t clean or you’re just not in a mood for them. 

Take a tissue paper, dab it into your desired eyeshadow colour and paste the print onto your eye. You can either go with just 1 colour or multiple at a time, depending on what you want. 

For when you want more than 1 colour, make sure you leave space for other tissue prints on your eyelid. 

If you like the raw look, leave it as it is. If not, you can go in with blending it using a fluffy makeup brush. 

Which hack is your favourite one? Connect with us over our official Instagram and let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more tips and tricks! 


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