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  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial

5 Easy Hairstyles For Days When You Feel Too Lazy To Shampoo Your Hair

For all the lazy days that you don’t wish to spend a lot of time on your hair but still want to look stunning to the hilt, here are a few hairdos.
Published -09 Feb 2022, 17:16 ISTUpdated -09 Feb 2022, 18:46 IST
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
  • Published -09 Feb 2022, 17:16 ISTUpdated -09 Feb 2022, 18:46 IST
easy hairdo without shampoo

I have had dry scalp and dry hair all my life, which needs regular care like oiling, shampooing, conditioning, and air-drying to maintain proper hair style. These activities make me feel lazy and reluctant to plan an outing or to even hang out with friends. I have a special dislike towards blow drying my hair when I go out but air drying takes even longer. All this led me to become best friends with baby powder and dry shampoo. They are my secret arsenal to get ready quickly. 

There are some easy hairstyles that would help you to instantly transform your hair, so that you don't have to be restricted to tying a ponytail or twisting your greasy hair into a ballerina bun. Making unique hairdos has never been this easy. For all the lazy days that you don’t wish to spend a lot of time on your hair but still want to look stunning to the hilt, here are a few hairdos. Here are the 5 easy hairstyles for days that you feel too lazy to shampoo your hair. 

Messy Bun

messy bun

Messy bun is a super simple hairdo that is a total crowd-pleaser. Making a messy bun is very much simple. You barely need to do anything but it  doesn't mean that it is not an impressive one. This hairdo is bound to impress one and all. Messy bun can easily be done on days when you feel super lazy. On your bad hair days, this hairdo shall certainly be a life saver. 

If you have to show up looking like a glam diva, this hairdo can totally transform your look in no time. In fact, this hairdo is so versatile that it can go with any look of yours. To achieve a messy bun hairdo, all you have to do is roll all your loose hair and tie it on top of your head. Just leave a few hair locks loose, so as to make up appear a little unkempt. This hairdo shall certainly be a heart-stealer.

Fishtail Braid


Fishtail braid is yet another very sophisticated hairdo. It takes little to no time to make a fishtail braid. Fishtail braid is ultra easy to achieve. Divide your hair in two equal parts and then start working on braiding them. The ultra-feminine fishtail braid is going to make you look super cute. Even if you haven’t washed your hair for three days, it doesn’t matter; it will do enough to elevate your look to the hilt. This hairstyle can be your go-to hairdo if you wish to turn all glares your way. 

Side-Swept Hair

side swept hair

Side-swept hair is an uber glamorous hairdo that is bound to give you that extra edge in any crowd. Side swept hair looks ultra-classy and sophisticated. This hairdo is easy to achieve and numerous celebrities count on this hairdo to look super glamorous at various red carpet events. For this hairdo all you need are a few bobby pins. This is the perfect hairdo for a lazy day. This hairdo shall certainly not let you down if you choose to pull it off at a wedding reception party. In fact, the guests would all admire this hairstyle of yours. 

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Braided Bun

braided bun

Braided bun is another attempt you can make to conceal your unmanageable hair. It shall hide all kinds of hair problems without looking too shabby. The best part about braided bun is that it looks uber gorgeous even on days when you haven’t washed your hair. 

Braided bun can look super glam if you complement it with a trendy look. It will be hard to tell if you have or haven’t washed your hair once you have banked on this hairdo.This is a super stylish and super modish hairstyle that your friends are going to go head over heels for.

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Textured Waves

wavy hair

Textured hair is simply the best. If you have naturally wavy hair, just let them loose. Try to get those waves defined waves if possible. Your natural waves are gonna do all the magic for you. In fact, wavy hair looks the best on the third day after hair wash. You are super lucky if you have wavy hair, if not just get a hair curler and create a little wavys to add that extra bounce to your hair. Trust us, it will look super stunning. There are various ways to maintain your naturally curly hair.

If you wish to let your hair loose, just make sure you don’t brush your hair too much or even if you do, do it with a comb which has broad teeth. It will make sure that you don’t lose all the waves in your hair.


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