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Maintain Your Curly Hair With These Tips By Expert

Maintain your curly locks with these professional hair care tips.
Published -16 Sep 2019, 14:30 ISTUpdated -16 Sep 2019, 14:55 IST
curly maintain hair

Curly hair is unique, beautiful and appreciated by one and all but only a person with curly hair can understand how high maintenance and unruly it can be at times. Curly hair is more delicate and tends to go through a lot of problems like hair fall, tangled hair, dryness and lose its shine easily if not cared well. Curly hair is very different from other hair. That’s the reason, it needs to be treated in a special way.

Sameer Hamdare, Zonal Technical Manager at Streax Professional has shared some tips to keep your curly hair manageable and shiny.

Keep Your Curls Naturally Moisturised  

over shampoo

Dry hair is the result of over shampoo. Curly hair has less moisture. If you over-wash your curly hair, they lose their natural moisture. Due to over shampoo natural oil vanish from hair which makes your curly hair look drier and frizzy.

Be Careful When You Buy Hair Products

As curls are unique, treat them exceptionally. Use shampoo and conditioner made for curly hair. We understand the difference in hair and reason we would suggest you use shampoo and conditioner made for curly hair. Hair Product made for curly hair has elements to make your hair retain the lost and efficient moisture which help your curls in maintaining them and retaining them.   

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Never Forget To Use A Leave-in Cream 


Hair needs attention don’t leave them dry. Always use leave-in cream if your curly hair gets frizzy and dry. Leave-in cream help in moisturising, maintaining and making your curls look graceful. 

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Follow The Correct Way To Dry Your Hair

towel dry

Most people follow the wrong way to dry their hair which causes dull, frizzy and tangled hair. Never dry your hair bending backward. Always try to flip your head upside down and with the help of towel scrunch the hair so that the towels will absorb the water. While you are scrunching the hair, it will take shape and help in forming the curls. 

Brush To Maintain Curls

It’s necessary to use the correct brush while treating your hair. Always use wide-tooth comb for combing the curly hair. Avoid using fine-tooth comb and brushes as they open the curls and make them look less attractive.   

Curly hair is unique but its fragile too. Follow these simple tips to make your curls shine and impress!

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