If you ask me, I can never have enough lipsticks. That's the thing about lipstick lovers, we just want more and more! We all have our own shade, that one go-to colour. If you are a fan of brown lip shades, we are sure you own a lot of them. From the light tones to medium to dark ones to suit all your beauty moods. 

Well, there are days when we feel so guilty about investing in so many lipsticks but hey, let's tell you that there are so many ways you can use your brown lipsticks in more than just one way. This will help you put them to good use while doing your everyday beauty routine. Read on. 

Use Brown Lipstick As A Contour

Are you running out of a contour palette or don't just feel like investing in one? Your brown lipstick can come in handy here. For contouring, you need a shade that is darker than your natural skin tone. It can be light to dark depending on how dramatic you want your contour to be. 

brown lipstick contour

Using a brush, draw a line, half the way to your cheekbone, and using your finger or a blending brush, blend it out. It can also be used to conceal your nose. Apply the lipstick using a brush on both sides of the bridge of your nose. Blend it. That's how your brown lipstick will help you sculpt your face. 

Create A Smokey Eye Look With A Brown Lipstick

If you don't have that perfect brown shade in your eyeshadow palette then you can use your lipstick to create that quick smokey eye. On an eyeshadow brush, pick some lipstick and start to blend on your eyelids. Begin from the inner corner of your eyes. After getting that uniform base, start to blend it from the outer corner, close to the lash line to get a smokey effect. Make sure you blend it all once with your fingers to prevent any harsh lines on your eyes. 

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Fill In Your Eyebrows With A Brown Lipstick

An easy way to fill in those eyebrow gaps is by using a dark brown lipstick shade. Take an angular brush and pick some colour from the lipstick. Start to gently fill in the gaps. Don't overdo. Using a spoolie, brush out the lashes and you are done!

Apply Kohl With Brown Lipstick

brown lipstick kohl

If you feel like wearing a brown kohl but don't have one then you can use your brown lipstick as a kajal. Using a kajal brush, apply it to your lower lash line. Using a blending brush, you can also smudge the kohl. 

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Use Brown Lipstick As An Eyeliner

brown lipstick eyeliner

Not a fan of kohl? Try using brown lipstick as an eyeliner. If you are bored using your regular black eyeliner then you will love this quick hack. It will be easier to apply if you have liquid lipstick as it will give a better effect on your eyes. You can otherwise, use an eyeliner brush to apply the liner on your upper eyelids. 

We hope this guide helps you put your brown lipstick to perfect use. For more such beauty hacks, stay tuned!