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    Broke Your Lipstick? Here Is How You Can Use It

    Don't throw away your broken lipsticks, here are some beauty hacks which will help you re-use them.
    Updated at - 2021-12-15,20:02 IST
    tips to use broken lipstick

    I love buying lipsticks and have so many favourites but my heart breaks everytime I break a lipstick. It really is painful, especially if it's your favourite lip shade or from a lipstick brand, you spent a lot of bucks for. 

    It is indeed heartbreaking but doesn't mean that you will now have to throw the broken lipstick away. There are different ways you can fix it or re-use it in your beauty routine. Read on to know how. 

    Turn It Into A New Lipstick

    new lipstick

    You can really turn your broken lipstick into an altogether new product. All you need is a candle, a plastic/glass container, and the broken lipstick

    • Scoop out the lipstick with a spoon and place it over the candle. Hold it for a few seconds till it starts to melt. 
    • Take an empty lipstick palette and transfer the melted lipstick to it. 
    • Place it in the refrigerator to let it set. 
    • Take it out and your new lipstick is ready to use!  

    DIY Lip Tint

    You can also turn your broken lipstick into a lip tint. For this, you will need a container, some petroleum jelly, and a container. 

    Scrap out whatever lipstick is left clean and drop it in the container. 

    Add some petroleum jelly to the container as required and mix well using a toothpick or a q-tip. 

    You will see a buttery texture. Store this in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes till it sets. 

    Now your lip stain is ready for use. 

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    Make Your Own Blush

    lipstick blush

    There are shades of pinks that we really love and it breaks our heart to see that lipstick break. Well, that pink lipstick can be further used as your DIY blush. 

    In a bowl, drop in the broken lipstick. Take some moisturiser and mix it in. Store this mixture in a container. Your instant cheek tint is ready! Dab it gently on your cheekbones and you are ready to go.

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    Bring It To The Original Shape

    If your lipstick has broken from the top, you can use a q-tip to clean the sides and set the rest of the lipstick back to its original shape. You can use a lipstick brush to apply it to your lips. 

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    Use It As A Colour Corrector Or Contour

    Be it any shade, from a light nude to a dark brown, all your broken lipsticks can be put to use depending on their shade. Firstly, make sure as soon as the lipstick breaks, place it in the refrigerator to set the remaining product. You can later transfer it to small containers and place it in your beauty kit.

    For instance, a dark red or orange can be used to colour correct your under eyes and pigmentation. A light, nude colour can be used as a concealer. Dark browns can be used for contouring your face. 

    So, don't just throw away your broken lipsticks. You can use them in multiple ways in your beauty closet. 

    Do you have any other interesting ideas which can be tried to use our broken lipstick? Share with us on our Facebook page. For more such beauty hacks, stay tuned! 


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