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    Bizarre Beauty Products That You Must Try For Fun

    Check out some of the most unusual and weird beauty products that exist in the market for no reason!
    Updated at - 2021-07-22,15:02 IST
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    We all love drooling over the beautiful beauty products available in the market and why not? These beauty products available are not only visually appealing but with advancement in the world, these products have also aced the technical part of the beauty and have become suitable for treating many beauty problems.

    But what we wanted to throw light upon today was the total opposite of all this. The market is full of beauty products, yes with a large variety of bizarre products with no relevant use and people use them for real. It's weird and unbelievable at the same time. So, if you're trying to find out what these products are, then read this article and discover the world of weird beauty products for yourself.

    Hair Dryer Diffuser 

    hair dryer diffuser

    It might look like a hand detached from an alien toy or something but it is not. This creepy-looking hand is actually a hairdryer diffuser that is crafted especially for people with curly hair. The hand gets attached to the front opening of the hairdryer(best hair dryer brushes in India) and creates a definition and shape in the hair, preventing any frizz.  However, we do wonder how efficient this product is, but you surely can give it a try.

    Skin Cocoons

    silk cocoon

    These are natural silk cocoons that are claimed to have remarkable beauty benefits(rose petal powder beauty benefits). All you have to do is wear them on your fingers, dip them in warm water and massage your face.  You will find a lot of people trying out these cocoons for themselves but they're pretty weird and we are too skeptical about their purity and effectiveness.

    Nailpolish Bottle Holder Ring 

    nail polish holder

    Nailpolish bottle holder ring is really a completely useless and unusual product. It is basically meant for keeping the nail polish bottle while you're putting the nail paint on. But how hard do you think it is to just extend your hand and keep the bottle on the table. The brands claim that it becomes easier to apply the nail paint when the bottle is closer but we are not really convinced. So, you can go ahead and try it and then let us know your word.

    Facial Bandage

    facial bandage

    Gone are the days when everyone wanted to have a slimmer face and with toned and defined features. But now people are learning to accept themselves as they are. And in these scenarios we don't really think a facial bandage that lifts your face and makes your jawline look sharper is even worth a try.  Moreover it would be so awkward to wear this bandage while walking around.

    Electric Lip Plumper

    electric lip plumper

    We all love to have plump lips but this product is taking it too far! This electric lip plumper creates suction by cutting blood supply to your lips that end up looking plumper after using this. But as per experts, this product can potentially damage sensitive lip tissues and thus it must not be used extensively. 

    Loop Eye Mask

    loop eye mask

    Claimed to be one of the best eye masks, this loop-like fabric stretched to make a mask look super weird. It is supposed to provide total blackout while travelling or getting your beauty sleep. But don't you think normal eye patches are way better. The thick fabric on the sides of your face could obstruct your sleep and may also result in discomfort.

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    Neck Tape

    neck bandage

    We couldn't believe that there is an actual tape made for the neck that prevents the skin from bulging or wrinkling. Well, that is super insane. Who would want to put tape behind their necks and stop the blood flow to the skin at the back? This could lead to skin tissue damage and pain in the back of the neck. So, you must beware while trying this one.

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    Have you tried any of these products for yourself? Share your experience with us and stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such pieces.

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