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Hair Removal Methods For Pubic Area To Facilitate Efficient Grooming

Are you looking for the best approach to remove pubic hair? Read for more details.
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -25 Jan 2022, 16:00 ISTUpdated -25 Jan 2022, 16:10 IST
remove pubic hair

There is nothing wrong or unhygienic about pubic hair. Having said that, many women choose to groom down there. People find full-grown hair in the private region irritating and would like to get rid of them. However, the dilemma is which method to choose? 

Among several practices, one must put utmost thought into choosing the right one. The approach must suit your skin type and make it efficient for you to get rid of pubic hair without hassle.

Hair Removal Methods


It is one of the most hassle-free methods of removing pubic hair. It does not remove the hair from roots but makes them shorter. It is the safest approach that does not lead to cuts, irritation, in-grown hair, rashes and redness.

The best way to trim the hair in the pubic area is by using a sharp and clean trimmer or a pair of scissors. You must dedicate either tool to the private area and not use it anywhere else on the body or for any other purpose. 

Before one starts to trim pubic hair, it is essential to clean the area. Once the process is complete, you must wash the intimate area and equipment to ensure the utmost hygiene. Also, keep the razor or trimmer in a dry place. 

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It is a popular method to remove pubic and body hair. It is hassle-free and takes no time. One can efficiently get rid of body hair at home. It is a cost-effective approach compared to waxing and laser treatment. 

However, care must be taken while shaving down there, or it can end in cuts or injuries. It is also associated with ingrown hair problems, redness, rashes and infections. Therefore, one must use a sharp razor and keep it aside for the same purpose.

shaving pubic hair

A good practice to adopt before shaving is to exfoliate the area and clean it with water or intimate wash. Then, you must lather the pubic area using soap or shaving foam with natural moisturising ingredients. You must ensure to use a product that does not contain harmful chemicals. 

It is best to move the razor in the direction of growth to prevent the issue of ingrown hair. Once you are done, you must wash the intimate area with lukewarm water. After finishing, you can apply some moisturiser, baby oil, coconut oil or olive oil. 

After shaving, it is recommended to wear light cotton garments instead of tight clothes or jeans. It prevents irritation. Also, if you experience redness after removing the pubic hair, apply some ice to soothe the skin. It is also essential to disinfect the razor and store it in a dry place. You can also disinfect the equipment right before use.


Waxing is yet another popular among women who want to get rid of their pubic hair. However, experts suggest getting it done by a professional to prevent the chances of burning via hot wax.

Before proceeding, it is appreciated to exfoliate and clean the intimate area. It is also essential that you stretch the skin before pulling the wax strip to prevent pain, irritation and bleeding. 

In the salon, one can ask the attendant to use either hard wax or soft wax. Many prefer hard wax because it sticks to the hair and not the skin. Thus, it prevents irritation or any other damage to the skin.

Many women experience redness after waxing. If that happens, you can apply ice. It is also essential to clean the area and apply a moisturiser that soothes the skin. However, before proceeding ahead, you must ensure that the salon disinfects the equipment after every use.

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Hair Removal Creams

Such creams contain chemicals that make it easy to scrape off the hair. Therefore, you must apply it in a small region and test if the product does not leave a burning sensation or allergic reaction in the intimate area.

Although the method seems hassle-free, it might take quite some time to get the area clean. One must also take care and not apply the cream close to the vaginal opening, or it may cause infections. 

Laser Hair Removal

It uses the laser beam in a concentrated area to cause thermal damage to the hair follicle. It prevents the hair from growing back. The process requires a consultation with a qualified dermatologist and many sittings over months. The laser hair removal approach is the most expensive of all the aforementioned practices.

laser pubic hair removal method

You can choose a method of your choice to suit your skin, requirements, schedule and pocket. However, remember that the removal of pubic hair is a personal choice. Whether you choose to clean or let it stay natural, it is crucial to maintain hygiene. 

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