If you missed going for your waxing session or just prefer doing it yourself then this guide is for you. If you have been getting your body waxed for the longest time, you know there is nothing like that feeling of soft, stubble free skin. 

Waxing at home isn't really a big task if you know the basics and prep a little in advance. Doing it at home proves to be much economical and time saving too. 

If you have been planning to give yourself a waxing session at home, we have a quick guide for you. Follow the same for a smooth, hassle free waxing experience at home. 

How To Prep Skin Before Waxing?

For best results from your at-home wax, you must prep your skin well in advance. 


exfoliate before waxing

Begin with exfoliating your skin. This can be done a day or two before you want to wax. For the same, you can use a mild readymade scrub or prepare one at home using coffee and sugar. 

Exfoliating your skin will help remove all the dead skin cells around your hair follicles. This will further loosen up any ingrown hair and give you better waxing results. 


You should put wax on fresh, cleaned skin. Your skin shouldn't have even a single layer of inpurities, oil or dirt on your skin. 

If your skin isn't clean well, you can get infected by the wax or also get big bumps on your skin. 


After washing your skin, always pat dry your skin. You won't be able to wax your skin if it is wet. Use a clean towel to pat dry your skin. 

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How To Wax At Home? 

Step 1 - Powder Skin

Always powder your skin before waxing as it helps absorbs any moisture on your skin and prevents the wax from sticking to your skin. 

Step 2 - Check The Wax Temperature

Before applying wax to your arms or legs directly, always do a small patch test on your outer wrist. If the wax isn't too hot, heat it a little more or it can end up sticking to your skin. If it is too hot, do not proceed, let it cool. If the heat is tolerable, go ahead. (choose the right type of wax)

Step 3 - Apply Wax In Direction Of Hair Growth

how to eax at home

Using the wax knife, apply wax in the direction of yoour hair growth. Do the application in one layer. Don't layer the skin again and again. 

Step 4 - Pull Out 

Once you have applied the wax and it is set, it is time to pull it off. Place the wax strip on the area you have applied the wax and pull it in the opposite direction. Don't be too gentle or too harsh but do it in one go to prevent pain. 

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Step 5 - Press The Skin

To ease out the waxing pain, keep your hand over the area you have just waxed. This will help ease out the pain and relax your skin. 

Step 6 - Continue In Small Sections

Never apply wax to your entire skin. Waxing should always be done in small sections. This ensures that all your hair is removed and also you suffer from less pain. 

Step 7 - Pluck Out Any Remaining Wax Bits

You might find bits of wax on your arms or legs after you have waxed. These can be plucked out using a pair of tweezers of a clean wax strip. Make sure you do it gently or you can end up pulling out an ingrown hair. 

After Wax Care

After you have completed your at-home waxing session, it is essential to follow some post waxing skin care tips -

  • Clean your skin with a damp towel.
  • Follow with a gentle massage. You can use a post waxing lotion or use regular coconut oil. This will hydrate your skin and leave it soft and supple. 
  • Do not exfoliate your skin for atleast 24 hours after waxing as it can lead to rashes. 
  • Avoid stepping out in the sun immediately after waxing as your skin is then more prone to damage. 

We hope this guide helps you do waxing at home like a pro. For more such beauty tips, stay tuned!