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Try These Amazing Face Scrubs For Soft And Glowing Skin

Adding a face scrub to your skincare routine can improve your skin tone and texture by removing dead skin cells and fading dark spots.
  • Rashmeet Kaur
  • Editorial
Published -06 Apr 2022, 17:19 ISTUpdated -06 Apr 2022, 17:36 IST
face scrubs for glowing skin main

Are you tired of dealing with your dull skin or even worse, uneven skin tone? Or do those pesky blackheads come in your way of achieving flawless skin? Don’t worry, we have got a perfect solution for you!

Now, you might agree that in our day-to-day life, keeping dust and pollutants away from your face is quite an impossible task. So, this is the time to add a face scrub to your skincare routine!

Exfoliating your skin with a face scrub can unclog your blocked skin pores and slough off dead skin cells which are the primary causes of blackheads and whiteheads cropping up. Trust us, a face scrub will leave you with glowing and rejuvenated skin.

So, if you are investing in a face scrub for the first time or are tired of always picking the wrong one, we have curated a list of some amazing face scrubs you can purchase. Take a look!

Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub

neutrogena face scrub blackhead

Image Courtesy: amazon.in

First up on our list is Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub! If you are tired of dealing with those stubborn blackheads then, this scrub can be your one-stop solution.

The brand claims that this product has a deep cleansing formula with soft microbeads making it a gentle exfoliant that can help you get rid of dead skin cells, excess oil, and dirt present in your skin pores. Further, it can prevent blackheads from forming while promoting a glowing and healthy skin. 

Formulated with the richness of cedarwood extract, this face scrub provides much-needed moisturization to the skin while balancing your skin’s natural hydration levels. The creamy lather of the scrub packed with salicylic acid will definitely rejuvenate your dull skin and can help in reducing skin irritation and redness.

Fret not, this product is dermatologically-tested and also, oil-free so it is a must-try face scrub for people with normal to oily skin types!

Everyuth Naturals Exfoliating Walnut Scrub

everyuth walnut face scrub

Image Courtesy: amazon.in

This amazing face scrub from Everyuth is all you need to deeply cleanse your skin!

The brand claims that this face scrub is packed with natural walnut shell particles that can help you in getting rid of dead skin cells by exfoliating your skin. 

While the goodness of Nano Multi-Vita helps in nourishing and rejuvenating your skin and bid adieu to skin impurities. The skin impurities usually become the cause of blackheads and whiteheads.

And you know what the best part is? This budget-friendly product is suitable for all skin types. People with dry skin, we hear you! 

However, if you have sensitive skin then, there is a chance that you may feel that the product has abrasive exfoliating particles. So, take note of that!

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Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub

biotique bio papaya face scrub

Image Courtesy: amazon.in

If you are looking for a face scrub that can exfoliate your skin with natural ingredients and that too, without causing any inflammation or irritation then, you need to try this product!

Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub is enriched with the goodness of pure papaya extracts that can remove dead skin cells, unclog your skin pores, and leave you with a smooth skin texture.

This 100 percent organic product can become your saviour as the product claims that it can lighten and brighten your skin by removing tan. We know, tanning is one of the obvious skin woes that leave us worried in the summer season!

Further, the product can also help in clearing out the dark spots and blemishes. It can be used by both men and women. Though this face scrub is free from paraben or any preservatives, it can still feel a little harsh on your skin.

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mCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Face Scrub

mcaffeine coffee face scrub

Image Courtesy: amazon.in

This face scrub from mCaffeine will surely eliminate the dullness of your skin and will brighten it up!

When we talk about skincare and exfoliation, we always tend to turn towards coffee and walnut, right? So, why not club these two? We are not joking, this face scrub is enriched with Arabica coffee, Walnut, Argan oil, Hibiscus, and Vitamin E.

Coffee is known for increasing the skin’s collagen production to reduce the signs of ageing. It further evens out your skin tone. While, walnut exfoliates the skin impurities and gives you smooth, soft, and supple skin.

Wait till you hear the best part! This face scrub is FDA-approved and of course, dermatologically-tested. It is also paraben-free and cruelty-free. Isn’t that amazing?

Which of these face scrubs are you going to try? Do share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi!

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