Moisturising is believed to be one of the most important steps of a skincare routine. The key role of any moisturiser is to hydrate the skin and prevent it from drying. 

However, that's not all. Moisturisers can work like magic on your skin and help you treat a lot of your common skin issues. If you don't already have a moisturiser in your beauty kit then here are reasons why you should

Prevents Dryness

Our skin is exposed to different weather, indoor heat, air conditioning among others. Do you know these environmental factors leave your skin dry and dull? A good moisturiser acts like a saviour for such skin. It not only instantly hydrartes your skin but also prevents it from getting dry quickly. 

Slows Down Signs Of Ageing

using a moisturiser

When your skin is dehydrated, all those signs of ageing like wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation becomes more prominent. Your skin needs a layer of good moisturiser which can hydrate your skin and make it look younger. Do you know using a moisturiser on your face everyday can slow down the ageing process? 

Fights Acne

If you have acne-prone skin, a moisturiser bottle is your best friend. Acne can get worse when your skin is dry. A lot of people think that they may not get a moisturiser for their skin type but there are actually plenty of them available. If you are unable to choose one for yourself, consult your dermatologist for a good moisturiser. Make sure you add it to your acne skincare routine. 

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Prevent Itching

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Winters are here and this is the season when your skin starts to dry more. If you don't slather on some moisturiser during this season, then you skin can start to flake and lead to itching. Also, those who have the dry skin all round the year should be using a moisturiser throughout to prevent itching and redness. 

Good For Sensitive Skin

Redness, itchy patches, swelling, pimples, women with sensitive skin know the struggle. There are a lot of skin issues that women with sensitive skin suffer from especially during this season. However, applying a layer of moisturiser can help in maintaining a balance in the skin, it keeps the skin hydrated without making it oily which further leads to other skin problems. 

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Works Like A Barrier For Your Skin

Applying a layer of moisturiser helps you protect your skin from toxins, pollutants, and other environmental factors. When you don't apply moisturiser to your skin, your skin directly gets exposed to all this damage. 

Makes Your Makeup Look Flawless

benefits of applying moisturiser

For that flawless makeup look, you need a smooth and hydrated base otherwise, when you apply any makeup product on your skin, it can end up cracking or creasing. Using a layer of moisturiser before creating your base can help you get smooth, crease-free makeup. 

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The Right Way To Use A Moisturiser 

It is very important to use moisturiser in the right way to enjoy all its amazing benefits. 

Take the required amount of moisturiser on your palm and massage it well on your face and neck. Make sure that you apply it in upward strokes. If you apply it downwards then it can lead to skin sagging and appearance of ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines

Do make a moisturiser a part of your skincare routine for its amazing benefits. Make sure that you use it after cleansing and exfoliating your skin for best results. For more such beauty stories, stay tuned!