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    Worried About Ageing Skin? Use This Collagen Boosting Homemade Masks

    No one wants to see fine lines and other signs of ageing on their skin. And not everyone can opt for expensive treatments. Try this easy to make masks...
    Updated at - 2020-04-03,14:47 IST
    collagen boosting diy masks

    Fine lines and large pores are the early signs of ageing skin and make people worry about their looks. While you cannot stop ageing, a few home remedies can help delay its signs. A recipe that tightens the pores can totally help in this scenario. Try this easy collagen boosting masks. 

    Carrots for Collagen

    honey for masks

    Carrots are rich in collagen. They have vitamin A, and antioxidant properties. 


    • 1 boiled carrot 
    • 2 tbsp honey
    • ¼ cup plain yogurt


    Kiwi Exfoliating Mask

    kiwi masks

    Kiwi has vitamin C which is amazing for the production of collagen.


    • 1 peeled and mashed kiwi 
    • 3 tbsp granulated sugar


    • Combine kiwi and sugar and apply immediately to your face.
    • Slowly scrub for 30 seconds and then rinse. 

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    Pumpkin-Yogurt Collagen Facial

    pumpkin puree masks

    Pumpkin is one ingredient that makes for a wonderful face mask. It is super rich in collagen!


    • ¼ cup honey
    • A can of pumpkin puree 
    • ¼ cup plain curd
    • ¼ ground almonds
    • Olive oil


    Copper Face Mask

    cocoa powder

    This is a mineral packed mask which is essential for healthy collagen production as it has most copper-rich foods.

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    • 2 tbps unsweetened cocoa powder
    • Milk or cream


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