Summer is close and it is time to start taking better care of our skin. Our skin needs moisture to maintain a healthy glow. But during the summer season, dehydration increases due to heat as well as other environmental factors. As the weather gets warmer, the subcutaneous glands in the body start producing excess sebum causing oily skin, acne. Dehydration also leads to a loss of essential micronutrients which need to be replenished for a healthy body as well as a beautiful skin.

Here are some of the foods recommended by Arati Soman, Ayurvedic Expert, Nisarga Herbs, that you can find in your refrigerator during summer which can help you keep your skin supple, and healthy this summer.


watermelon glowing skin

90% of watermelon weight is water! It is a rich combination of Vitamins A, C, potassium, magnesium as well as B1, B5, B6. This will keep your electrolyte count up, control free radical damage to your skin, reduce oxidative stress and keep you hydrated helping your skin retain moisture. The watermelon rind can be used to make a face mask or peel to give a soft glowing skin. It has a lot of lycopene which is very beneficial to the skin.

Chill the rind left after cutting watermelon in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Then slice the rind in very thick wafers to use a peeler to remove thin wafers and lay on the face until the cooling sensation stops. Wash your face with lukewarm water after and dry thoroughly for amazing glowing skin.


It is another summer fruit which is rich in vitamin A and C. It also has an enzyme called papain which makes the skin look toned, radiant and youthful. The antioxidants and carotenoids in papaya prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin which tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles.

The papaya skin can also be used to reduce skin pigmentation as papain acts as a strong exfoliator and removes dead cells from skin which can lighten skin tone as well as make it supple. Skin health is also related to digestive health and papaya is a strong recommendation in keeping our digestive system healthy.


orange glowing skin

Orange being a citrus fruit is an excellent source of Vitamin C, as well as it hydrates our body during summer time. Everyone knows the benefits of Orange but lesser known properties for beautiful skin exist in the peel of oranges.

The peel actually contains more vitamin C than the pulp itself. You can dry and grind the peel to make an excellent scrub or make a face pack powder to apply a mask with milk or water.


yogurt glowing skin

Yoghurt is an all year round product that is a rich combination of proteins, calcium, vitamin D and probiotics. It is an essential ingredient in keeping the digestive system working at full efficiency.

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Yoghurt has lactic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid that dissolves dead skin cells. This gentle exfoliation evens out skin tone and gives a wonderful glow to the skin. Apply yoghurt with a combination of papaya pulp and leave on face for 5-10 minutes. Then wash off. You can make several combinations for a healthy skin to make face masks. Sandalwood wood powder in yoghurt, multani mitti in yoghurt work beautifully on skin to fight spots, acne, skin rashes, dullness.


pumpkin glowing skin

This is a surprising ingredient when we think about it but pumpkin is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Pumpkin is a rich source of zinc which is an essential micronutrient required in creating new skin cells. It also helps control sebum production reducing issues like acne and oily skin problems and improving overall skin tone. Pumpkin seeds can be dried and eaten as is or salted.

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Delicious chutneys can also be made using seeds. Pumpkin can also be applied on the skin to improve tone as well as reduce the appearance of open pores. Just mix 3 teaspoons on pumpkin paste, 1 teaspoon of milk, half a teaspoon of honey in a blender and then apply the paste on face or skin for 15-20 minutes. Wash later for an even glowing skin.

These are just some of the home remedies you can try to help keep you skin plump and happy through the summer. As always 3-4 liters of water/day is a must for optimal hydration of the body as well as skin. Don’t stay in the sun too long and stay away from deep-fried oily foods during summer for a healthy skin.

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