No one can deny what an unpredictable year we had due to the pandemic. This year made us witness everything from being inside our homes for months to becoming our own beauty experts, to learning new things and now we finally await a new & a better beginning. 2021 is just a few days and we just can’t wait to bid adieu to 2020. Many have become skincare experts by reading up a lot and watching a number of videos on social media. So many products trended which shifted us to another level in the past year. DIY became huge and gharelu nuskhas passed down from our ancestors were no more on the backburner. But what can we expect from the New Year in terms of skincare?

Beauty expert and Dr.Blossom Kochhar, Chairperson at Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies, shared with HerZindagi a few trends that she feels will rule 2021 considering the latest bend and understanding people have got when it comes to their skin.



Since the year forced us to stay indoors and we didn’t get much chance to put on our fancy makeup many of us have really become comfortable with our skin and avoid or do very little makeup. Natural look or Minimal makeup which will make the skin look glowing and dewy will be in.

Eye Care

With most of us glued to our laptops and all the time attending some virtual meeting or another our eyes have gone for a toss. So, a lot of care and importance will be given to eye care. Keep a good eye cream or gel to avoid getting dark circles you can also put potato slices on your eyes for 5 minutes to soothe them.

Waterless, Sustainable Beauty

Another trend that will be picking up a lot is waterless beauty. We all know that the world is facing water crises and the beauty industry is known for a lot of water wastage. With people becoming more and more environmentally conscious, the time for sustainable beauty has arrived. Also, another reason why brands will also opt for waterless products is that when they use water in their products, they need to add more chemicals to avoid them from evaporating. With companies moving towards natural and organic products, skincare will become more holistic

Sheet Masks

sheet mask trend

As people are still reluctant to go to salons for facials we will see a lot of sheet masks which will help in getting glowing and radiating skin.

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Moisturising was, is, and will always be very important but the way we hydrate ourselves is changing quickly. Instead of using heavy creams and lotions, people are moving towards skin oils. They are the latest trend and are here to stay. The best part is you need to apply very little of these oils and they come for even the most specific skin types.



diy trend

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DIY skincare is what we all have followed throughout the lockdown so how can we let go of this beautiful skill that we have acquired over the months. So, we will see a lot of DIY in skincare, haircare, and even body care.

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This we cannot forget. This is the one thing without which we can’t step out of our homes now, sanitisers. Though this market was mainly for medicated ones earlier, beauty brands have come up with some of the best sanitisers with natural ingredients and fragrances.

So stock up on these products which you do not have, make the most of all the sales, save money and read reviews before you buy. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more on skincare tips.