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    10 Cool Travel Accessories You Must Have Before Embarking On An Adventure

    Do you want to add more style and class to your travel adventures? If yes, then below are the world's coolest travel accessories to check out.
    Updated at - 2021-07-07,17:27 IST
    cool travel accesories

    We all love to travel but won't it be super amazing to travel with all the style and class we can flaunt? It would surely be awesome. And so, we thought of telling you about some of the most amazing and coolest travel accessories that will help you improve your travel game in an instance. So, read on and find all of them here.

    Hoodie Pillow

    hoodie pillow

    We all love wearing hoodies since they keep us both comfortable and warm. So, taking the comfort and style a notch higher, the hoddies with a  travel pillow were introduced. Even the thought of travelling in your hoodie pillow and being able to doze off whenever you want is exciting, isn't it?

    Inflatable Light

    inflatable light

    For those who love camping out, this is inflatable light is great as it can draw power from the sun and then run for about 10-16 hours. The LED used in it is super lightweight and PVC free and the light may cost you around Rs.1350 only.

    Oral Swabs And Tooth Paste Tablets

    oral swabs

    A lot of us are so carried away by our travel plans that we totally forget about the oral hygiene essentials that we might need on the trip. But don’t worry we are here to tell you how to take care of your oral health while on the go. If you don’t like carrying the toothpaste tubes then chewing on a toothpaste tablet and brushing it off would also do the same work. Along with that, oral swabs are also super lightweight and come in handy when you are travelling off the grid and it is not much you can do about that odour from your mouth.

    toothpaste tablets

    Portable Vacuum

    portable vacuum

    This vacuum is for the ones who love carrying all the beautiful clothes to their excursions.  It is smart and stylish and can help squeeze your clothes to half their size by pulling all the air present in your suitcase.

    Steam Iron

    steam iron

    This portable steam iron is to help you when your clothes develop crease lines or wrinkles and you are not at home. The steam iron is as small as the size of an average palm and performs its job super efficiently.

    Water Filter Bottle

    water filter bottle

    When you are out having a great time in an unexplored region(unexplored villages in India), relaxing by the river and you suddenly feel thirsty, you should definitely not ruin your happiness by thinking about the purity of water. All you need is a water filter bottle that has a filtering mechanism inside which facilitates the cleaning of the water hence making it drinkable.

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    Wheeler Strolley With Scooter

    wheeler strolley with scooter

    This is basically a triple wheeled luggage scooter that can carry both your luggage and you. That’s right! You can ride this stroller like a scooter and go rolling around places. Even though this product might cost you over Rs. 20,000 but this is definitely worth having.

    Air Conditioned Shirts

    AC Shirt

    Just as the name suggests, air conditioner(tips to stay cool without AC) shirts have a mini air conditioner that keeps you cool throughout your journey. A small air conditioning device is attached to the shirt that keeps you cool on the go!

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    Compressed Towels

    Compressed towels

    This is one of the coolest and the most essential item that you might want to purchase for your trips. These are basically tissue-like towels compressed to form a small tablet. But the magic happens when you immerse the tablet in water and it starts unfolding. It’s portable, light and very travel friendly.

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    So, try the above-mentioned accessories and thank us later. Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such articles and travel tips.

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