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    Tarot Reader Predicts Pandemic Effects On Love Life As Per Zodiac Signs

    Tarot card reader predicts the impact of the pandemic on our love lives as per zodiac signs. 
    Updated at - 2021-05-13,10:16 IST
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    The pandemic has been catostrophic for us all in the world be it our profesional lives or health. So many people have already lost their lives and so many more have been predicted for the yet to come third wave of coronavirus. We all want to know what the furute is going to be like and how will this pandemic effect all aspects of our lives. Last week we had shared the predictions for the impact of the pandemic on proffesional lives as per zodiac signs, this week we had Jeevika Sharma, Tarot Card Reader and Guidance Counsellor predict its impact on love life as per our sun signs exclusively for HerZindagi. Here is what we may experience. 


    aries neon

    You will take initiative to strengthen the bond with your partner. You might leave your comfort zone to get things on track. If you feel that after a lot of attempts your partner is not responding the way you want to then you should stop and pull back your efforts.


    You will make effort to sort things out which if ignored could ruin the relationship. Your partner might not want to forget the mistakes you committed. Leave everything in god’s hands as a little time is required to things to settle.


    You could face a lot of hurdles in your love life due to the interference of others. Your partner will try to sort any complications and will take a positive initiative towards you. You can expect ups and downs in your relationship. In the end, everything will play out smoothly.


    The pandemic will not have much effect on your love life. There could be some ups and downs won’t be anything serious. You will experience a smooth sail, the same as you had earlier.


    leo neon

    For Leos, the relationship will grow strong. Or, you could reunite with your love to take the relationship to another level. Your partner will try to bridge the communication gap which would bear fruitful results. 


    You will have to follow your intuition in the matters of love. This way you would make things work and your relationship will be peaceful. Your partner may seem suspicious as they could show less interest in you.


    libra neon

    You seem to be non-accepting of the chances that universe is giving you to work on your love life. Your dissenting attitude might make it difficult for your partner to take any initiative. It is advisable for Libras to use the chance or opportunity available and make your relationship work.


    scorpto neon

    You will take the initiative to resolve any problem in your love life. You will just wait for a sign from your partner. Once you get the sign that your partner too desires the same then you will take the initiative and sort everything.

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    sagi neon

    Someone from your past could enter your love life. You and your partner will take the equal initiative to create the romantic relationship you both shared in the past. But, it won’t be easy so, don't stop when things seem calm.


    During this pandemic, you could find yourself blindly take decisions or actions related to your love life without much thought. It may be that you plan to end the relationship or it could be that you ruin it with your own immature and ill-conceived actions. Your partner will try to make you understand the gravity of the situation. Do not make any decision in a hurry.

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    Your zodiac tells that during these trying times you might decide to call quits on your relationship just because your partner made a mistake which hurt you. It is advised that you talk to your partner about it and, take a small break to settle your mind instead of breaking up a relationship.


    Your love life would see taking a positive turn as you and your partner decide to invest a lot of time to build a strong relationship. You might feel like surprising your partner.


    Stay tuned to HerZindagi for the next prediction.

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