You must have heard that it is a good idea to shave with a woman's razor. However, you will be surprised to know that it is actually not a good idea. Women and men’s needs are different; therefore, the tools should also be different in order to fulfill the purpose.

If you aren’t still not satisfied and want to continue using a men’s razor as you feel it is a better option, then read ahead to know about all the reasons why you shouldn’t be using a men’s razor.

Designed For Facial Hair

tilt mens razor

The blades on men’s razor are angled to cut through dense facial hair. On the other hand, women’s razor doesn’t need the same angle to cut softer body hair. Therefore, the blade exposure of a men’s razor can lead to more cuts if a woman uses it on their body.

Razor cuts may seem small but are quite painful, therefore, it is better to stay protected and avoid them.

Less Handle Grip

Men’s razor handles are essentially designed for the face. Thus, it doesn’t have the grip required to reach some hard-to-reach spots. And women essentially need a razor for such spots only. Therefore, these razors aren’t meant for women as women need a razor with great grip so that it works smoothly.

Men’s razors are generally flatter in shape and shape and designed to shave only one area, face. However, women require a razor for other body parts, thus, need a different


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Most Heads Don’t Pivot

shape mens razor

Mens razors are designed to shave the shape of the face only. This means that the heads generally don’t pivot and there is no extra flexibility which is needed by women to reach the areas that are not easy-to-reach.

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Most women’s razor heads pivot to 90 degrees so the blades can move along the curves of the female body, thus giving you a smooth shave without any cuts and serving the purpose properly. On the other hand, this is not possible with a men’s razor. 

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