Why Do Women Mostly Wear Silver Toe Rings?

Are you wearing a toe ring out of fashion? Here’s what astrology and Hindu culture have to say about this accessory!  

Mahima Girotra
why women wear silver toe ring

You must have spotted married women wearing toe rings. A toering is locally called ‘Bichiya’. Bichiya is considered a symbol of being married. That's why only married women wear Bichiya. Bichiya not only enhances the beauty of the feet but also holds special importance in Hinduism. Apart from this, there are many religious and scientific reasons behind wearing a toe ring.

How Is A Toe Ring Related To Ramayana?

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The practice of wearing toe rings has been prevailing in Indian society since ancient times. The evidence of the existence of bichiya has been found in the Ramayana period. When the arrogant Ravana kidnapped Sita Maa, then Sita Maa threw the toe ring to distract them from her identity. Therefore, it is considered auspicious for married women to wear a toe. It is said that it ties the woman to her husband.

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Toe Ring As A Part Of Bride’s Solah Shringar

Apart from this, in Navdurga Puja, the mother is also clothed with toe rings because a bichiya is a part of the bride's ‘solah shringar’. That is why a toe ring is very important for the bride. After marriage, every married woman wears rings on the toes of both her feet.

Bichiya is considered very important for married women. Apart from this, the toe ring is considered to be the carrier of Lakshmi. Therefore, losing them is considered inauspicious.

Why Is A Toe Ring Generally Made Out Of Silver?

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Silver is considered a good conductor of electricity. This also means it can remove negative energy from our bodies. Therefore, the toe ring is made only of silver and when women wear it, it removes the negative energy prevailing in their bodies.

Health Benefits Of Wearing Toe Rings

Wearing a toe ring not only makes the feet look beautiful but also has many health benefits. Ayurveda and other scientific studies have shown that wearing a toe ring gives many benefits to the body. According to Ayurveda, the vein of the second toe is connected to the uterus of the woman. Therefore, wearing a ring on the toe reduces the chances of getting uterine and heart-related diseases.

Apart from this, there is pressure on our fingers from the beech, due to which the period cycle is controlled. Not only this, but wearing beech also gives acupressure benefits. This is because the nettle presses on some of the nerves in our legs, which benefits the female reproductive system.

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Can You Wear Gold Toe Rings?

Gold is considered Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. It is said that Vishnu is pleased by wearing gold ornaments.

And put an end to all the problems in the life of his devotee. But gold ornaments should not be worn below the navel. By doing this, there has been the talk of insulting Vishnu. Such a person does not get the blessings of Vishnu and he faces many kinds of problems.

For it is inauspicious to wear gold on your feet, there are women living in Rajasthan who consider wearing brass jewelry on their feet, for when they turn a widow.

Things To Keep In Mind While Wearing Toe Rings

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  • Before buying a toe ring, try wearing them so that you do not have any problem in any way possible.
  • Also, keep in mind that you do not have any kind of allergy to the ring.
  • We all have different skin. Therefore, wear a toe ring of the same metal that suits your skin type.
  • Most women wear silver toes only because it gives many benefits to the body.

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