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Why Is Roka A Significant Affair In A Wedding?

 Are you planning to declare yourself as ‘officially taken’? Here’s everything you need to know about!
Published -01 Apr 2022, 08:00 ISTUpdated -31 Mar 2022, 17:29 IST
know about roka

Weddings make up about a $50 billion dollar industry as per the report by KPMG in 2021. It is estimated to be rapid annual growth in the years coming. 

With weddings consuming a huge part of every community on Earth, there are people falling in love every day out there and declaring it to the world. 

What Is A Roka Ceremony? 

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A ceremony is conducted when two people in love have decided to come into the sacred practice of marriage and declare their eternal love for one another. 

The roka ceremony is the first step towards marriage as per traditions and cultures. 

It is one of the most significant pre-wedding ceremonies in an Indian wedding. In an Indian marriage system, a boy, along with his parents and other family members, first 'see' the girl. If the girl and boy have a liking towards each other while believing they are the ones for one another, they give their consent to get married to each other, it is then that the girl’s family offers some money, and sweets as gifts to the boy and his family; similarly, the boy’s family will gift money, sweets, or even gold jewelry to the girl.

What Is The Significance Of A Roka Ceremony?

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The Roka ceremony is frankly a union of two families. As said earlier, this is the first step towards the matrimony of the couple. This is the first event that brings not only two people but also two families together. The decision of the marriage becomes official after the Roka ceremony. In an Indian system, the Roka ceremony represents the starting of the relationship between the boy and the girl that they will cherish all their life.

Both the families later announce the good news to their relatives, friends, and neighborhood with sweets.

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How Is The Roka Ceremony Proceeded? 

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The proceedings of the Roka ceremony are very simple and sober. The boy, along with his family and a few relatives, reach the girl’s place and as the two families gather, they ask the girl and boy to sit together. 

The first ritual that is performed is the Tilak ceremony. In Tilak Ceremony, tilak or a paste of vermilion and rice grains is applied on the boy and the girl’s foreheads. This is basically done to welcome the guests, or as a beginning symbol of any event. 

The boy’s family offers gifts, dry fruits, a basket full of different varieties of fruits, cash, clothes, and sweets to the girl and her family. The mother of the groom-to-be embellishes the bride-to-be with a beautiful red dupatta and blesses her with a piece of jewelry, cash, etc. Similarly, the girl’s family offers gifts, cash, and sweets to the boy and blesses him. After this, all the elders present at the occasion bless both the girl and the boy with their 'aashirvaad'.

Then, the girl’s family gives gifts or cash to everyone from the boy’s side. Also, they give sweets and dry fruits to the boy’s family members. 

The mother-in-law or the mother of the groom drapes a bridal dupatta on the head of the bride-to-be. The significance of this ‘Chunni’ is related to the Hindu religion, where the mother-in-law accepts the woman as her daughter-in-law. 

Once the Roka ceremony is over, the boy’s family is then fed with lavish food arranged by the girl’s family. After the food, the boy’s family takes a leave. All the decisions related to the wedding, like engagement date, wedding date, etc happen with time.

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How Can You Celebrate Your Roka? 

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It is noted that people have made a grand affair of the same ceremony that had once been an intimate ceremony for the two families coming together as one. It was seen that only intimate family members had earlier been a part of this ceremony, but what we witness today is much more grand and extravagant. 

The roka ceremony has become no less than an actual wedding function that requires a venue, extravagant clothing, jewelry, and so much more going. While some people may love a grand affair, there still persist many who like an intimate gathering with their family and loved ones to celebrate the first step of marriage. 

It is not essential to go according to the trends, rather go with what is comfortable to you and the ones around you. Since roka could be the first time the two families meet the entire another half, it is always a safer option to go for an intimate ceremony to allow less awkwardness and more interaction between everybody. 

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