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  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial, 29 Mar 2022, 16:35 IST

Things We All Love About Vasanta Navratri 

Do you remember all the fun that the Navratri festival brings with it? Read on!
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial, 29 Mar 2022, 16:35 IST
123RFnavratri celebration

For Hindus, Navratri is an important festival celebrated across different states of India. It comes five times a year, according to season. In chronological order, they appear - Chaitra or Vasanta Navratri, Aashad Navratri, Ashwain Navratri, Paush Navratri and Magh Navratri.

Chaitra celebrates spring and Ashwain or Sharad Navratri celebrate the onset of the autumn season. These two are the most important ones. The Sharad Navratri is celebrated with fervour in many parts of the country.

Significance Of Chaitra Navratri

Vasanta Navratri falls in March or April, and it marks the first day of the new year according to the Hindu calendar. It is a nine-day festival celebrated with colourful spirit in Northern India. 

Maharashtrians and the Konkani people celebrate the first day of Vasanta Navratri as Gudi Padwa. In Kashmir, it is called Navreh. It is a divine festival that brings festive vibes along with colourful decorations.

Why Do We Love To Celebrate Navratri?

It Fills Us With The Spirit Of Festive Season

festive vibes

Image Courtesy: Twitter

If you celebrate Vasanta Navratri, you would know that there are festive vibes all around. Whether you go to the neighbour’s home or a nearby temple, the melancholic tunes around fill you with joy and happiness.

Many people end the Navratri with a grand puja and invite neighbours and friends to celebrate the night by dancing and worshipping the nine forms of Goddess Shakti.

Different Cultures Connect With Each Other

Hindu religion has many communities spread across various states of India. However, most of them enjoy the celebration of Chaitra Navratri. Many cities, villages and towns organise community gatherings bringing people from various backgrounds together.

Thus, people with different beliefs and similar devotion to the Goddess Shakti come together under the same roof to celebrate the festival. It reminds people of the joy of spending quality time with family amid hectic work schedules and everyday problems.

People Lead Peaceful Celebration

Holi is a festival of colours, and Diwali is a festival of light. The celebration of both festivals are loud, people burst crackers, and many even get hurt. However, during Navratri, the devotees indulge in peaceful procession.

The celebration of Navratri includes colourful decorations, dancing through the night and enjoying time with family and friends. People fast, meditate and experience peace. They also get a small break from monotonous routine life.

It Is Time To Go Shopping

shopping during navratri

Image Courtesy: Goats On Road

With Chaitra Navratri around the corner, the markets are flooded with fresh spring and summer collections. Whether you go to a mall or a local market, the shops look vibrant decked up in Navratri fashion.

Most of all, you can find colourful lehenga-choli, bags, footwear and hundred other accessories hanging around in the shops. Many shopkeepers and renowned brands even put clothes, accessories and footwear on sale. Thus, you can go on a shopping spree and upgrade your wardrobe with a new collection.

It Fills Us With Hope

Navratri is the only festival that worships nine forms of Goddess Shakti. It reminds people about the strength and power of a woman. It reminds society that women are no less than men and deserve equal space and opportunities.

It gives us hope that one day, our country will rise above rapes, female infanticide, acid attacks, female foeticide and other heinous crimes against women. It makes us dream of a future where we will get rid of several bad things that are a part of our society.

It Brings Nights Of Fun And Dance

Many states, like Gujarat, host several celebrations across various cities. Many renowned musicians and personalities attend these events and make them more enjoyable.

These events make for good food and a whole night of dancing. Families, friends and neighbours gather, dance, sing and spend time having fun under the starry lights.

There Is No Denying To Delicious Delicacies

navratri food

Image Courtesy: Conde Nast Traveller India

During Navratri, many people fast. However, that does not mean a person cannot find sumptuous delicacies to eat through nine days. The festival has many tasty dishes associated with it.

The list includes puri, sabzi, kadhi, rice, kachori, raita and sweet dishes. How can one forget the sabudane ki khichdi? Many kids keep fast to eat this delicacy. The snacks and dishes are not only yummy, but they are healthy too.

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The Aura Fills With Traditional Vibes

What is the first scene that comes to your mind when you think about Navratri? Women and men in traditional attire, eating local food and dancing to folk songs. With vibrant decorations around, your experience of celebration gets elevated. 

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What else can one expect from the celebration of a festival? Navratri offers a lot to people celebrating it with pure joy. 

We hope a fun-filled Navratri to everyone celebrating it. Stay tuned with HerZindagi for more such stories. 


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