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Learn Why Keeping Birds in Cages Can Be Inauspicious

Keeping birds imprisoned in cage is considered inauspicious. 
caged bird is inauspicious

Watching birds fly in the open sky fascinates everyone. It represents the freedom that everyone of us yearns for. Many people, however, prefer to keep these birds as pets in cages at home. We understand their reasons for keeping them in. They enjoy seeing their pets on a daily basis, and they want to feed them. Meeting them makes them joyful. However, according to Vastu, keeping birds in cages is considered inauspicious.

We spoke with Vastu Expert Aarti Dahiya to find out if keeping birds in cages is inauspicious as well as more on this. Read on to know everything about it.

Keeping Birds Caged Affects The House

bird cage

According to Vastu Shastra, keeping a bird in your house can have negative impact on your health.  Along with that, negative vibes also get spreaded all over. Every particle in the world, according to Vastu, is ruled by nine planets. Meaning , nine planets have an impact on animals, birds, and insects as well.

Birds, as we all know, are always lovers of the open sky. When they are locked in a cage, the cage becomes a jail for them.

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Birds Have Got Holy Place In Hinduism

Feeding grains to birds is regarded as a very pious act in Hindu scriptures. Not only that, but these birds are regarded as a symbol of joy and prosperity. If these birds are imprisoned, the house's stability and economic conditions may become unstable.

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Imprisoned Birds Can Affect Horoscope

cage birds

People's horoscopes can also be affected by birds. This is why imprisoned birds are thought to be inauspicious. Birds imprisoned in homes, according to Vastu Shastra, cause a slew of issues. On one hand, while the Vastu-shastra mentions taking care and giving service to these birds, keeping them in a cage is not less than a sin.

Keeping A Parrot In Cage Has These Effects

According to Jyotish sashtra, birds are not supposed to be in cages rather in the beautiful sky. They should be free to move around the sky as they like. You can arrange for grains and water on the balcony or open spaces for birds. This will bring you happiness, money, and salvation in your life. Allowing these birds to fly freely in the skies will provide you with a sense of serenity and satisfaction. 

Birds In Sky

Birds are not supposed to be in cages rather in the beautiful sky. That is why they should be allowed to roam freely and naturally. If you want to care for birds, you can arrange for grains and water on the balcony or open space to feed them. By doing this, you can attain happiness, wealth and salvation in your life.

If you are planning to raise a bird at home, then do not do it at all. Along with being bad for humanity, keeping birds caged can have a significant impact on your life.

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