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    These Zodiac Signs Are Not Good With Money

    Is your or your partner's zodiac sign a part of this list of zodiac signs who are the worst at handling money? Check out now!
    Updated at - 2021-06-15,18:10 IST
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    Being good with finances is not in everyone's cup of tea. You are either a spendthrift, a stingy personality or perfectly balanced. Every zodiac sign is different. ome believe in living life king size, some are more about the moment, many believe more in saving money that spending. Here is a list by Tarot Card reader and Guidance counsellor, Jeevika Sharma, which tells us of the zodiac signs that are not at all good with mullah handling. Are you one of these?


    Pisces money

    Pisces are unable to put a check and stop their expenditure. Due to their incorrigible habit of shopping they often end up buying a lot of things which they might like on a whim. They continue shopping for things which appeals to them irrespective of the fact whether they can afford it or not.


    gemini money

    They tend to give money to other people be it friends or family for their personal use. People around them are well aware of the fact that they can borrow money from them. And, that there would be no obligation to return it. Gemini, instead of asking for their money start treating the borrower as if they have done borrower a huge favour.

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    libra money

    They tend to overspend a lot and run away from the responsibility of saving their money for future. Common expenditure areas would be party, travel and shopping for a Libra. And, even they often lend money to their friends. They stall to ask for their money to be returned. So, as a result their friends also stop showing the will repay on time. Libra tend to lose money in gambling as well.

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    scorpio money

    Scorpions are not clear on where to invest or whom to help by lending the money so that they can benefit from it in the long run.

    In order to bring people in their favour or bring others under their control, scorpions invest a lot in other people. And, as a result, have to wait a little long to get the desired outcome. This is more of a risk as there are chances that the other person may just take advantage of scorpions and run away without providing them the expected benefit. They also try their luck in embezzlement whenever possible but, unfortunately for them, it hardly ever works.

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