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    Everything You Need To Know About The Pink October Month

    With the beginning of October, begins Pink October, the breast cancer awareness month. Read on to know more about it.
    Published -15 Oct 2021, 12:00 ISTUpdated -15 Oct 2021, 12:12 IST
    pink october month

    Every year, in the month of October, pink colours are seen in many places. Pink ribbons and shirts, as well as pink billboards and banners, all serve the same purpose: to raise awareness about breast cancer, educate people about risk factors and lifestyle changes, encourage regular breast screening, and raise funds for breast cancer research as part of the Pink October initiative. 

    Importance Of Breast Cancer

    Pink October is an annual campaign that is extremely important in raising breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer awareness is the first step toward preventing the disease from having an irreversible impact on one's life. Pink October campaign is extremely important in raising breast cancer awareness.The purpose of the campaign is to increase awareness about breast cancer and raise the funds to research the causes, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and the cure for breast cancer.

    The Origin Story

    pink ribbon

    The American Cancer Society and Imperial Chemical Industries' pharmaceutical division collaborated in 1985 to launch the Pink Month campaign, which aimed to promote mammography as a way to detect and prevent breast cancer.

    Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in both the "developed" and "less developed" countries, according to the World Health Organization. 

    According to the World Cancer Research Fund, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide, with half a million women dying of this disease per year. More than 300 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in Malta, implicating the diagnosis of one new case of breast cancer per day.

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    Why Pink Ribbon As A Symbol?

    pink october

    When we think of Pink Month and breast cancer awareness today, we often associate it with a pink ribbon. In 1991, a woman named Charlotte Haley, whose close relatives had survived breast cancer, began sending out peach ribbons to raise breast cancer awareness. The Susan G. Komen Foundation began awarding pink ribbons to race participants in New York City later that year. But it wasn't until Evelyn Lauder, Senior Corporate Vice President of the Estée Lauder Companies, founded The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in 1993 that the pink ribbon became the symbol for breast cancer awareness that we still associate with it today. The Pink Ribbon is a symbol of support and solidarity for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Pink was chosen as the colour of choice because of its feminine associations.

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    How You Can Participate?

    There are many ways you can participate in this campaign by helping support women around the world with breast cancer and increase awareness. There are various pink month campaigns going on, so take a stand and help where you can. Here are some ways you can help this month:

    • Educate Yourself- The first step is to educate yourself about the topic. Read more about the topic to get a better understanding of the month's importance. With the right education, it will be easier to have understanding and compassion for the subject. Make sure to read other people's stories of their experiences, or share your own to help educate others!
    • Support- Support - There are many ways to show your support this month, including donating to one of the charities and foundations dedicated to furthering breast cancer research, as well as spreading the word about Breast Cancer Awareness Month on your various social media platforms. Since raising awareness is exactly the goal this month. And don't forget to flaunt your pink ribbon and pink clothes this month.

    Do wear a pink T- shirt this month to show support for this kind cause.

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