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  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial

How To Keep Your Pillow Cool During Summers To Get A Restful Sleep

God only knows how difficult it is to get a good night sleep in summers, but with these pillow cooling tips you can say 'hello' to your beauty sleep.
Published -11 May 2022, 09:53 ISTUpdated -11 May 2022, 10:20 IST
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
  • Published -11 May 2022, 09:53 ISTUpdated -11 May 2022, 10:20 IST
pillow cooling easy hacks

Have you ever felt uneasy in sweat  in the middle of the night and flipped your pillow to find that one unique cold spot? On a hot night, resting your head on a cool pillow is refreshing, reviving, and very calming. 

Many people like to sleep in a cool room at night. Even when the air conditioner or bed fans are turned on and the windows are open, some people prefer to sleep on a colder surface. This is due to the fact that  your body temperature rises when you sleep at night, causing night sweats. It's not strange, then, that our bodies prefer a cooler atmosphere at night.

We need to keep our heads cold for a better, more restful night's sleep. It's also wonderful to have a cool surface to rest your head on while the rest of your body is tucked up under a warm duvet! Here are a few ways to keep your pillow cool at night. 

Choose Breathable Fabric

breatheable fabric

It's critical to choose a pillow made of materials that doesn't retain heat but rather dispels it away. Remember that we are more sensitive to temperature fluctuations while sleeping, and even our pillow, if it is too hot, might wake us up. The cover of your pillow is the most pleasant material to use to make it stay cool for a really long time.

We all know that foam pillows retain heat, and manufacturers address this issue by utilising pillow covers that allow for optimum airflow, such as cotton. 

Flip Your Pillow

flip your pillow

At room temperature, the underside of your pillow is likely to be cooler. As your head is resting on the upper side, it tends to become warmer. The difference is usually only a few degrees, but it is noticeable and can wake you awake.

Flipping the pillow so that the underside which happens to be cooler is upwards and you can lay your head on it. The new upper side of the pillow is likely to be cooler. 

If you're the type of person who falls asleep quickly, this 'flipping' method is ideal. When the pillow is still cool enough on the newly-flipped part, you are likely to fall asleep.

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A Humidifier

A diffuser that is also a humidifier will be quieter than a fan while still providing cooling. It accomplishes this by continuously spraying a cool mist in your direction while you sleep. Yes, you may get bored of a certain smell by the end of the week, but you can always switch it up.

Many diffusers these days are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, so they won't take up too much room on your nightstand. Some even change colour when you grow tired of staring at it – or just want to match your bedsheets.

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The Ice Pack Trick

ice pack

You could, of course, make a crude DIY version of a specially designed cooling pillow — minus the active thermal regulation.

Simply wait until the ice pack is completely frozen before going to bed, then wrap it in a towel or tshirt and place it beneath your pillow.

Gel ice packs are also multi-purpose, which means you may use them for aches and pains all over your body, inflammation, and even to keep items chilly for longer periods of time. A frozen pack will last three to four hours depending on the room temperature if placed inside your pillowcase.


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