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    This Viral Video Of Nani Maa Trying Pizza For The First Time Is Adorable

    Netizens have flooded the viral video with adorable comments for the grandma.
    Published -09 Nov 2021, 17:00 ISTUpdated -09 Nov 2021, 17:11 IST
    nani maa having pizza first time viral video

    Grandparents are so adorable. They are the ones who always shower us with unconditional love. All the years we grow up, they play different roles in our life, our caretakers, storytellers, confidants and friends. They are just adorable! 

    Grandchildren keep posting adorable videos with their grandparents online but some of them really want us to go back to them and give them a tight hug. One such video is trending on social media. 

    Nani Maa's Viral Video

    A video of a grandmother having pizza for the first time was posted by her grandson Greesh Bhatt on social media. The video captures the grandmother's reaction to trying pizza for the first time.

    The video has already got thousands of views on social media and the post is being flooded with adorable messages from netizens all over.

    When the grandma has the first bite of the pizza slice, it looks like she doesn't enjoy it. Watch the video here - 

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    Netizens Flood Video With Comments For Nani Maa

    As soon as the video went online, netizens started to like and comment on it. A user wrote, "That expression after a bite was the best part of the reel." Another one wrote, "Awwwwwww so cute nani maa." "really soo sweet n sweet moments," wrote another Instagram user. 

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    More Adorable Grandparent Videos

    That's not all, there are so many adorable grandparent videos online which will melt you heart. Let's take you through some more grandparent videos which went viral in the past - 

    Granddaughter Recreates Video With 93 Year Old Grandma

    The video was recreated from an old one. The text read, “When you used to carry your granddaughter to dance, but now, at 93, she carries you.” The first clip shows a woman dancing with her granddaughter and then you see the granddaughter carrying her 93 year old grandmother and dancing around. Watch the wholesome video here - 

    A user commented, “This makes me feel sooooooo happy!! What a beautiful grandma and her granddaughter.” Another one wrote, "Omg that was the most beautiful and precious dance I believe I have ever seen 🤩 Granddaughter ❤️ her Grandma, thank you for sharing....🤗"

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    Grandma Intstructing Alexa 

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    Earlier, a video of a grandmother instructing Alexa to play Ganpati bhajan went viral. The video was uploaded by an Instagram user, Neha Sharma with the handle, 'Life Needs A Holiday' in September. The grandmother can be seen cutely telling Alexa to play Ganpati Bhajan and all the verses and aarti. Then she smiles towards the camera. This video also got a lot of love from the netizens. Watch it here - 

    The post was flooded with adorable comments. A user commented, "I am imagining a response in Alexa's voice "Ji Dadi ma... maine aapke requests note kar liye hain". Others curiously asked if Alexa answered the grandmother's request.

    The bond of grandchildren with their grandparents is indeed special. It is a relationship like no other!

    How did you like this viral video of grandma trying pizza for the first time? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page. For more such trending stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi.

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