Have you seen the video where 4 girls dance their hearts out with perfect enthusiasm while wearing a saree? If not then you definitely need to have a look at it. The video was uploaded from an Instagram account of Lekhinee and features 3 other members along with her in the ‘Girls like to swing’ video. 

The best part about the video is its catchy shots, the exciting and enthusiastic choreography, and the girls dancing in sarees. The video had been uploaded in Instagram’s reel format as a short video with a sassy song from Dil Dhadakne Do.

So, if you haven’t yet seen the video that has massively taken the internet by storm then you need to see it right here. Also, let us take a look at some details of the performer gang. Read on to find more.

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More About The Video Post

dance group

The video was uploaded on the 20th of February through Lekhinee Desai’s Instagram account.  Since then the video has been going viral and has been liked by 6,800 people and appreciated in the comments by tonnes of people too.

dance group

Some commented, “Just can’t stop watching this,”, “This is superb! The coordination is amazing,”, “The enthusiasm is contagious,” and “Love this so much! And the belts!” while the comments were flooding in we also noticed that the viewers loved the way their sarees had been styled.

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The Styling Of The Saree In The Video

Well, the girls looked very attractive while dancing in the saree(sarees for summers), and there is no doubt about that.  All the girls draped their saree in a similar pattern. They used a cotton saree each in a neutral shade and paired it up with a sleeveless blouse. Not only that, the girls tied their pallus around their waist and accentuated their looks with a pop colour belt. In one of her post Lekhinee mentioned, “The Saree Naaris With my forever dance partner”

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More Videos From These Girls 

dance group

Talking about the members of the dance video, there were 4 girls, Lekhinee, Charvi, Apurva, and Twaara. And this is not the first time that these girls were seen rocking the dance floor.  The girls posted a peppy video on ‘Kajra Mohabbat Wala’ on 10th February 2021, where they were seen wearing almost similar sarees again and dancing to the beats in unison. 

On the 12th of February, another dance video was uploaded with the girls dancing over the tunes of ‘Chammak Challo’ the post was uploaded through Charvi’s account and said, “Absolutely loved dancing to this with my girls!”

All these girls are professional dancers and we can see that but Lekhinee Desai is also an entrepreneur, while Charvi is currently pursuing her Master in Arts and the founder of the moment spectrum. Apurva is a full-time performer, instructor, and choreographer, while Twaara is also into full-time dancing.

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