Did it ever occur to you that that you could actually dig into our indigenous roots for a gifting idea this season? Amazing as it may sound but Vastushastra may be just the right place to look at for gift ideas for your Valentine - those that would energise your passionate moments and would aid in a long-lasting relationship! 

Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao, Co-founder, VastuRaviraj, told HerZindagi that this ancient science of metaphysical edifice helps in synchronising the balance between humans and nature. The five basic elements, the eight basic geographical & esoteric directions, the electromagnetic & gravitational forces of the Earth, the cosmic energies emanating from the planets as well as the atmosphere and their influence on human life are all taken into consideration in the science of Vastushastra.

In a fast-moving digital age, where online dating has become a norm with “options” available galore and commitments are fickle, the pressures are mounting. It is actually a challenge to keep relations steady with fresh romantic vibes from time to time. In a scenario like this, it could help to turn to our indigenous roots for some healthy tips to let relations last and be vibrant with time.   

Instead of gifting perishable items like flowers, cakes and/or chocolates, one can look at gifting these 6 gifts in accordance with ancient science for a long-lasting and loving relationship.

Artifacts or pieces of jewelry made of pink rose crystals

These stones or crystals are actually known as the stone of Universal Love. It is believed to help open up your heart and attract love into your life and your relationships. Can be designed into pendants or bracelets, they not only look beautiful but works on your energies as well

Idols of love birds, doves or rabbits (all in pairs)

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Beautiful idols or statuettes of these pairs induce loving energies in your relationship. These could also adorn your bedrooms for bringing in more love and passion in your lives.

Pictures or images of Radha Krishna

Worshipped as the most romantic couple of the Hindu Pantheon, these aide in infusing the energies of eternal or long-lasting love in your relationship.

Jewelry/trinkets and artifacts made of raw clusters

Crystal clusters are actually beautiful star like formations of the crystals. These could be Turquoise which is used for attraction, Moonstone which is used to bring love, Green aventurine which helps to maintain relationship, Lapiz Lazuli which helps to preserve love and a variety of others. These are believed to make one into a human star emanating light and love. On the one hand, they look genuinely beautiful and on the other, they have amazing healing abilities.

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Red/Pink/Pastel candles

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These are beautiful gifts again. Candles infused with relevant essential oils which have relation healing properties and those that can energise your love life would be ideal for your Valentine this season. While Red would infuse passion, the pinks & pastels, having a pleasant aroma, would bring in balance and harmony in your love life.

Gifting plants

Plants like Rosemary are a universal symbol of remembrance. Brides were sprigs of Rosemary at their weddings to symbolise love, happiness and loyalty. Lavendar, on the hand, is a symbol of constancy, devotion and love. Plants are not just eco-friendly gifts but they need nurturing. Your Valentine’s focus on your plant and the special efforts that he/she would take to nurture it will go a long way in building the foundations of your relationship

Let’s make Valentine’s Day more special by these gifting ideas based on Vastushastra and infuse the energies of positivity, understanding, harmony and vibrancy in your love lives.

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