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5 Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For Couples To Make Their Special Day Unforgettable

While covid may seem to have ruined all your special plans, it can also be an opportunity for an intimate celebration of your love. 
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -01 Feb 2022, 12:45 ISTUpdated -01 Feb 2022, 13:12 IST
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Valentine’s day is nearing and we can’t keep calm! The day to celebrate the love of your life comes just once in a year and you ought to make it special for your love. Amidst the covid situation, it might seem like there’s absolutely no way to make it a memorable day for your partner, but fortunately this can’t be farther from the truth. While covid may seem to have ruined all your special plans, it can also be an opportunity for an intimate celebration of your love. 

Valentine’s day is special for every couple. It is the day when partners choose to express all their love and affection. Mind you, love needs to be celebrated every single day in little ways. There are numerous little things that you can do for your partner this Valentine’s day, so don’t be disheartened if you can’t plan something grand and extravagant. It is your thoughtful efforts that will count in the end and your partner is certainly going to appreciate it. Here are the 5 unique valentine’s day date ideas for couples to make their special day unforgettable. 

A Cuddly Movie Night

cuddle movie night

Watching your favorite movie with your lover is downright a thrilling experience. This valentine’s day you can spend the day watching your favorite movies while having endless snacks. Make the moment special by creating a special and cozy corner where you can watch the movies. You can even watch romantic movies and have a great time away from the distractions of social media life. When it comes to picking the movies, make an assortment of all the movies that your partner loves. 

A Rejuvenating Road Trip

road trip romantic

Who said a road trip can’t be romantic? A road trip can be extremely fun and romantic if you make it that way. Keep your car stacked with good food. In fact, you can play travel songs all along to make the moment even more special. You can dedicate a few songs for your partner. You can stop at random beautiful spots that comes along the way and relish nature’s beauty with your partner beside you. This can be an extremely wholesome experience for all the couples out there.

Romance With A Bit Of Wine


If you wanna do it the classy way but can’t go out due to covid restrictions, get a bottle of wine at home. Plan a sophisticated candle light dinner at home. This is going to be an ultra special day with the taste of wine. Wine can make any and every day special. If you both happen to be wine lovers, don’t hesitate to celebrate the day by opening a bottle of sparkling white wine or even a red wine.

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Cook Your Favourite Food Together

cook food together

Doing things together only enhances the love between a couple. It can be said that couples who cook together, stay together. Cook your favourite dish for each other on this special occasion and make the day even more special. After all, food is the way to the heart! You’ll definitely wonder how a daily chore can be downright fun and romantic with your partner around. 

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Romance In Yellow Lights

yellow lights

Nothing sets the romantic mood like the yellow lights! Don’t forget to dance with your partner in the dim yellow light to make your love more passionate. Romance will get an all new meaning as you slow dance with your partner under the mood lights. This is certainly going to be one of the most unforgettable dates with your partner. Make it even more romantic by planting a random peck on your partner’s cheek. You are sure to relive your early dating days with your partner when things were all light hearted.

If you wish to share any date ideas to celebrate Valentine’s day, do let us know by commenting on our Facebook and Instagram page. 

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