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Know About The Surprising Uses Of Olive Oil Outside The Kitchen

Do you think that olive oil can only be used to make delicious and healthy snacks? Then you are wrong as it has many other uses.
Published -21 Sep 2021, 14:12 ISTUpdated -09 Dec 2021, 17:09 IST
olive oil kitchen main

Everyone surely loves the nutrient-packed olive oil as it enhances the taste of a variety of dishes as well as salads. However, you will be surprised to know that it is not only great to use in food items but it also has some other uses outside the kitchen. Read on to know. 

 Remove Paint From Skin And Hair

paint olive oil kitchen

As fun as it is, painting can also be highly messy. Your hands and hair can often get covered in paint. However, you need not worry about it anymore as you can just rub some olive oil on the affected area for about five minutes. After this, wash them thoroughly with soap. And here you are totally clean without any paint on your body. 

To Remove Scratches On Leather Furniture

leather olive oil kitchen

If your leather furniture is getting old and has a lot of scratches, then you might think that it is the time to get new furniture. However, you can make this one new and shiny with just some olive oil. Just dip a cotton cloth in olive oil and rub it on the scratched surface. Remember to run it in a circular motion. This will make all the scratches vanish away leaving you with nice and shiny leather. 

To Remove Labels

label olive oil kitchen

The sticky labels on glass bottles or jars or any other thing can be really stubborn. We have all come across this issue and just gave up. However, we are here to tell you a little secret. You can use olive oil to make your work easy. Just soak a tissue in olive oil and let it sit over the label for a bit. This way the label will come right off. Not only the label but the sticky residue will also not be there. 

Helps With Stuck Zipper

zip olive oil kitchen

This is a really annoying problem that we all must have faced at one point of time in our life. Along with being irritating, this issue also destroys our entire piece of clothing or backpacks. Therefore, we have an easy and effective method to help you with this. 

You just have to use some olive oil to get that zipper moving. You can use a cotton ball to dab some of it on the teeth of the zipper and try to move it around a couple of times. This will make it un-stuck in no time. 

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To Polish Wood

wood olive oil kitchen

If you have a wooden floor or table that is way too much used and has lost its glory, then you can make it see its best days again by just using some olive oil. Just rub some olive oil and it will help to restore and preserve the wood’s natural moisture along with bringing the luster back. 

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For Squeaky Doors

Before going to the store for some chemicals, you should try using olive oil on the squeaky doors that have become a challenge for you. Just put a few drops of olive oil onto the top of the errant hinge. Then, move it back and forth a few times to let the oil in. This will instantly make the door a bit quiet. 

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