So many times we have men in the house who have umpteen number of shaving creams lying around in the house. Some they are not using as they are after one particular brand they opened and some expire. But ladies, do not throw them away as they have many uses even if their expiry date says it otherwise. Here is what you can do with them. 

Polishing Metals

stainless steal shaving cream

If you have some items made of stainless steel then go ahead and polish them with the shaving cream. You do not need to use harsh chemicals/ Take a clean rag, apply some shaving cream, and wipe away.

Remove Stains On Carpet Or Fabrics

fabrics shaving cream

Stains on our carpets and upholstery break our hearts as they ruin the entire look. But worry not, as we have that old shaving cream in the house. You need not purchase anything additional. Spray the cream on the marks and let them dry. Then take a clean cloth or vacuum cleaner and wipe when the cream has dried up. You can use this method on your car seat covers as well. 

Oven Cleaning

oven clean

We use our oven a lot and they start becoming brown and black from inside. But this can be taken care of with the use of shaving creams. Dab it on the areas and use a scrub. This will wipe it down and make the oven all new and shiny. Diwali cleaning anyone?

Chrome Shine

If you have chrome fixtures at home, using shaving cream to make them shine would be perfect. Just put some on an old but clean rag and wipe on the metal. It is the perfect solution to get rid of hard water stains especially on bathroom fixtures.

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Jewellery Polish

shaving cream

This cream is rather gentle but very effective for cleaning your precious jewellery. Just put a dollop in your hand and rub your jewellery pieces.

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Greasy Hands

Sometimes, getting rid of greasy and oily hands can be a task. If you paint then as well, the colour at times may not budge. This is where a shaving cream steps in. Just rub it on your hands and it will off. You can even use this remedy for getting rid of nail polish on your hands in case you dropped some. 

Oil Stains From Suede Leather

You went out for dinner and dropped something oily on your suede leather shoes or bags? That's okay as by applying a small amount of the cream and some rubbing can take care of it. But do fuff up the area with a brush later once the suede dries off. 

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So as you can see, nothing goes waste and almost everything has a use. 

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