The process of cooking in India is highly elaborate which requires a lot of ingredients as well as utensils and you have to plan your kitchen smartly in order to store all these things. Therefore, we are here with some storage tricks and tips for Indian kitchen

Spice jars

spice jars indian kitchen storing tips 

Indian cuisine is nothing without an extensive range of spices. All kinds of dishes in India require a lot of spices, therefore, you need to keep the spice jars in open shelves where they are easily accessible. Label all your spice jars and put them in the open shelves on top just next to your stove.

 If you are not very fond of the idea of open shelves, then put your spice jars in the drawers beside the stove or just below the stove.

Shelves Based On Your Vessels

Most Indian homes have ancient vessels that are passed on from generations and need to be stored with special care. These vessels are not usually used on a daily basis and only taken out during family gatherings or festivals.

If you also have such vessels, then make a shelf in the corner of your kitchen as these are not used every day and make sure that they can take a heavy load.

Cleverly Use The Corners

corner indian kitchen storing tips

Corner spaces are usually hard to access and can often go to waste, therefore, use modular kitchen accessories like magic corners and three-quarter carousels in order to use every inch of storage space and don’t let it go to waste by any means.

Partitions In Drawers

Drawers in your kitchen should have different compartments of various sizes in order to store all kinds of vessels in them. This will not be a great idea for storage but will also save time as you will not have to search everywhere while looking for one particular thing.

If your drawers cannot accommodate compartments or partitions, then try to make them shallow in order to have more drawers so that you can store more stuff.

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Put Your Appliances Away

Indian cooking requires all sorts of cooking appliances from a microwave to a mixer grinder to a toaster to an idli maker. Therefore, while planning your kitchen make sure to have a space for these appliances and don’t just let them lay on the countertop.

You can build pull-out shelves and add electrical sockets close by so that your kitchen is not filled with wires. Appliances like microwaves or OTG that are going to be used regularly should be kept on open shelves on the top so that they are easily accessible for every use.

This is not only a great storage idea but will also help to keep your kitchen neat and clean, therefore, put away whatever you can.

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Storage Space For Your Groceries

groceries indian kitchen storing tips

Indian families are usually large and also, they love to buy groceries in bulk to get better prices. Therefore, it is important to have a large storage space in your kitchen (kitchen decor ideas) for all these items. Make enough space in your kitchen to keep all these items safe. 

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