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  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial, 18 Feb 2022, 12:22 IST

Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Planning A Farmhouse Wedding

Farmhouse weddings are pure bliss if executed to the tee! Let your creativity flow while planning this wedding.
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial, 18 Feb 2022, 12:22 IST
Best Western Resort Country Clubto plan a farmhouse wedding

If a farmhouse wedding is running through your mind, then you certainly wish to plan a unique wedding. A farmhouse wedding if executed well certainly brings more joy and amusement than grandiose weddings. As you scroll through social media, you might find pictures of numerous wedding celebrations and be all envious. If only, you could plan such a photogenic wedding that is full of fun and gleeful moments. If you have a super spacious farmhouse, you are halfway there already. With your farmhouse as the wedding venue, the wedding shall certainly be more meaningful and fulfilling.

A farmhouse wedding shall be an intimate celebration. Your friends and family are going to love this wedding from the bottom of their hearts. Well, one needs to be extremely creative while planning a farmhouse wedding. Let your creativity define your unique farmhouse wedding. Decorated lawns, beautified farmhouse and outdoor reception, each element of a farmhouse wedding is awe-inspiring. If an intimate wedding celebration is what you want then there can be no better venue than your own farmhouse. Here are the 5 things to keep in mind if you are planning a farmhouse wedding. 

Outdoor Reception

outdoor reception

If you wish to plan a super fun wedding reception, then an outdoor location at your farmhouse is a must. Decorating the lawn in flowers and lights shall bring an exotic touch to your venue. You don’t have to take the extravagant route, you can choose to keep things simple and subtle. The decor should be such that it goes well with the vibe of your farmhouse and not against it. Incorporate colours and themes that complement your farmhouse. Bright colours and lots of flowers amidst the greenery of your farmhouse shall make for a tasteful combination. 

While you can choose to keep the decor all simple and subtle, make sure that your entrance is striking and dramatic. In fact, you can even add quirky elements to your farmhouse wedding such as a decorated rickshaw. Guests will have a good time clicking Instaworthy pictures around the adorned rickshaw. Keep it bring and let the colours pop so as to make your venue more exuberant.

Incorporate Fresh Flowers For Table Decor

fresh flowers

When planning a farmhouse wedding, you must certainly incorporate fresh flowers for table decor. For a great outdoor table setting, fresh flowers are absolutely mandatory. Candles and flowers together will make your table setting look uber exquisite and chic. Having a hearty wedding dinner with your close friends and family in the premises of your well adorned farmhouse shall be a moment to remember for a lifetime. Choose lavender coloured flowers for a more sophisticated vibe. You can also opt for flowers of variegated colours so as to make your table setting appear lively. This shall certainly be an unforgettable wedding dinner for your wedding guests. 



Picture Courtesy: Ruffled Blog

You don’t have to worry about making it all glitzy and glamorous. Draping is a great way to bring a mysterious charm to your wedding venue. You can choose to dress up your wedding venue in elegant drapes and shades to make it look super alluring. Draping your farmhouse with elegant curtains can elevate the space to the hilt. Your wedding guests are going to be super impressed by your creative planning. You are sure to receive several compliments on planning such a top-notch farmhouse wedding. Don’t hesitate to try out different colours and patterns of drapes when it comes to outdoor decor.

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Outdoor Seating For Dinner

ouutdoor seating

Wedding dinner ought to be under the open sky. To make your farmhouse wedding extraordinary and one that remains etched in the memory of your wedding guests, plan an outdoor dinner setup. You can decorate the area with candles, lights and lamps for an ethereal vibe. Outdoor dinner setting shall help your wedding guests open up to other guests and have a great time. Dancing and fun amidst such a beautifully decorated venue shall come naturally to your wedding guests. An outdoor wedding dinner shall certainly be the highlight of your farmhouse wedding.

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Add Farm Elements

farm elements

Don’t forget to let the natural ambience of your farmhouse come into play. You don’t need to transform the whole look of your farmhouse. In fact, you can add farm elements to your venue so as to bring a rustic touch. Elevate certain corners of the farmhouse by adding a dash of rustic touch. You can even place wooden furniture to elevate the look of your farmhouse. Your farmhouse is just the perfect wedding venue if you wish to celebrate amidst closed friends and family. Make sure that you plan it perfectly so as to host a great intimate wedding celebration for yourself and your wedding guests.

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