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Wedding Decor: This Is Why Lighting At Weddings Play An Important Role

Many ignore this but lighting at weddings plays an important role. It can break or set the mood of your guests in a major way. Get to know the options...
Published -28 Nov 2018, 14:00 ISTUpdated -28 Nov 2018, 14:08 IST
lights decor wedding

Wedding season is the season of happiness, love and loads of excitement. You plan a lot and make sure each detail is perfect. You plan out everything as each aspect is important but one thing some people think about last is – the lights. Amit Jindal, Vice President at Gopichand and son told HerZindagi that It may be the last on your mind but should not be taken lightly. Illuminate your wedding in a different way Lighting is not just a style element in your wedding, it is a force to reckon with.

The mood of the guests at your wedding also changes with the lighting. Lighting in your wedding governs an aura and also the ambience of the entire venue. The lighting on the dance floor also enhances the mood of the people and lets them enjoy the time on the dance floor. The illumination of lights and the décor go hand in hand. This is regardless of the fact if your colour is bold or soft. Lighting is very essential in bringing the decor and floral to life. It creates an aesthetic environment no matter its a wedding with Hindu rituals, Christian rituals, Muslim style weddings or Sikh style weddings.

In a wedding, Jindal suggests that there are usually 3 levels of lighting to consider:

The Ceremony

During the main ceremony, lighting should be kept romantic and precise. It should emphasise the path from which the bride will walk. The most important space of the event.

Cocktails & Dinner

marriage lights

Lights at a cocktail party or at a sit-down dinner should not be ignored. These should showcase the style that you create through your decoration. It should focus on your style.

Revelry & Dancing

lights at wedding

During mehendi and dancing, this should be kept fun and sensory. This should make the crowd feel like they can let loose and enjoy the party to the max.

Never be afraid to experiment with lights. There is a lot you can do that can captivate the settings of the venue to reflect every mood of your special day. Always remember to think about the lighting at the very start of your wedding plans. Once you select your venue, remember the many possibilities of lighting that can offer and then transform the space.

A Different Show Light can be a design element at your wedding too. Just to set up lights is not enough. You should ask the event planner to make sure the illumination is great and should make an effect.

Covering the lighting instruments also carves out a balance and adds up to the eye. An event planner can help you find spaces and explore the areas where the lights can be set up to catch the eye of the guests. This will ensure that your venue would look magnificent and will also gain you loads of nice comments.

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Illumination is Everything

focus on lights wedding decor

When you are in a room, the lights alone make your mood swing to a better way by the way it has been lit and reinvents your mood. When you are devoting your time at your wedding, make sure you do not neglect the lights. When your guests come and bask in the perfectly set ambience, you will be glad that you thought of this and it was the right decision.

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