We often cry about spending our salaries too early and being broke at the end of the month. But console ourselves by thinking that all the money spent was justified. But was it really? Think again rationally and you will find out that so many of the unnecessary things could have been avoided.

You are probably spending money on extremely common things but these are actually the things that you don’t really need. Here are 5 such things that you shouldn’t waste your salaries on.

Subscriptions And Memberships We Don’t Use

streaming services things waste salary

We all have some gym membership that we took thinking that we will be going every single day but are too lazy to go after a tiring day of work. Stop thinking that you will go one day and just cancel that membership.

Also, you must have a subscription to an overpriced streaming service that you rarely use because let’s face it no one has the time to binge-watch on regular days. So, just cancel that subscription because wasting so much money on something that you just use once or twice a month is a total waste.

Branded And Full Priced Clothes

 We have so many flea markets and other stores from where we can get some of the most stunning clothes of the same quality at a much lower price, so, why waste our money on those overpriced branded clothes.

If you still want to buy the branded ones, then have patience and wait for the sale as the prices can go extremely low and you can easily get your clothes from your favourite brands without burning a hole in your pocket.

Credit Card Interest

credit card things waste salary

We don’t actually realise it but a lot of our money is spent on it unnecessarily. Try avoiding this unnecessary expense as much as possible as it is just a waste of money. You can always go for alternatives.

Food Deliveries

food deliveries things waste salary

First of all food from restaurants is already expensive and just a waste of money and on top of that delivery charges are just a bomb on the pocket. Therefore, we should avoid getting food delivered and you will see that you have saved a lot.

In fact, try avoiding food from restaurants or other joints altogether as they are really overpriced. Instead, learn to cook and make yourself a delicious meal at home itself. This will surely help you save a lot as spending on restaurant food is just a waste of money.

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Bottled Water

Bottled water is highly expensive. You might think that it is just 20 rupees but this every day makes it a lot. Instead of buying bottled water everywhere you go, make it a habit of carrying water with you every time you step out of the house.

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This will not only help you save money but will also ensure safe drinking water

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