It is not just your stars that determine your personality but also your body and face features that help in determining or judging your personality in general. Just like the colour of your eyes or the location of your moles does, your feet as well are said to help in the classification. So here is a low down on what the shape of your feet has to say about your personality.

The Flame, Fire or Greek Foot

Those who have feet of this shape i.e second toe longer than the rest of the toes and spread in a triangular share are said to be sporty. These people are creative and should be counted on for bringing fresh thoughts and ideas to the table. These folks are enthusiastic and are very encouraging. They are impulsive and energetic as well. The negative is that they take too much stress and struggle in making decisions. 

The Peasant, Square or European Foot

feet one

All the toes here are of the same length and the feet of these individuals are either rectangular or square. These folks are pretty balanced and see both negative as well as the positive sides of the issue at hand. They don't give up so easily and work on solutions and resolutions quickly. They are sorted personalities and very honest as well. If they have decided on something, they will dedicate themselves to it.

The Roman Foot

This foot shape is also known as the Common foot. The first three toes of the shape of your foot are longer than the others. These people are social animals and meeting new people is their hobby. They are said to be arrogant, have a proportionate body shape and a well-balanced life. 

Egyptian Foot

foot two

If your person has longer thumbs, with the rest of the fingers tapered at the 45-degree angle narrow and tight shaped feet. These folks like their private life and are quite secretive in nature. Daydreaming is their forte and they are very impulsive. They create their own world and their emotions dominate their thinking process. They are moody and love pampering others and themselves.

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Extra Small Foot

Similar to Egyptian feet, individuals with these feet have tiny pinky toes which is the only difference. They are open-minded but do have some secrets which they never want to talk about. 

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Wide-Set Foot

Known as travellers’ foot individuals with a large gap between their feet or with very stretched feet love travelling. They are happy go lucky people who love new adventures.

What kind of feet do you have? Does your partner have a Roman foot or an Egyptian foot?

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