Getting angry is something very normal but if it crosses limits then it gets difficult to deal with it. There might be many of us who lose their cool on small things at the drop of a hat. But did you know that it could be connected to your zodiac sign as well? Yes! According to astrology, zodiac signs have a huge impact on our personalities. The month and time of our birth affect not just our today but our future as well when it comes to personalities. So here is a list of zodiac signs pointed out by astrologer and palmist Vinod Soni Poddar, which are extremely short-tempered or have a destructive reaction if they lose it.


This sun sign is not short-tempered but when they get angry, it is very difficult to calm them down. You sometimes just never know what will trigger their anger. At times, in their anger, they tend to do or say something which they regret later. Taurus sun sign is well known for never accepting their mistakes even if they know it is wrong and all evidence points towards them. 


This sun sign should mung beans and saunf every day. Worship Lord Ganesha and make sure that you keep a supari for his blessings. This will calm down the anger streak in you.

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 gemini anger

This sun sign has a very jovial nature. However, their personality affects the person dealing with them because if they do lose their temper, it is so extreme that it can ruin things or scare away people. It is very difficult to predict what will anger them. It is best to not lock horns with people falling under this zodiac sign.


This sun sign should have milk, curd, butter, cottage cheese to work on their temper. Worship Goddess Durga as well.


cancer anger

This sun sign is very emotional and the smallest of issues can trigger their temper. They try to stay away from people who tend to hurt them. They are well versed in hiding their anger and keep things in their heart. They can dwell over it for months at a time which eventually turns them sour. If it gets too much, they blast and whoever it is taken out on, is in grave trouble. Keep a watch on your words when dealing with Cancerians. 

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This sign should stay away from meat, alcohol, smoking. Every Tuesday, have sweet saunf and worship lord Kartikeya to calm down that brewing anger.


Leo sign is represented by a Lion and their temper is equally scary when left uncontrolled.  They cross all limits when they lose it as they cannot tolerate wrongdoings. It is best to leave this sign alone. They make good friends but the worst enemies as well.


This sign should donate yellow items. While stepping out of the house, smear a yellow chandan tika on the forehead and stay away from food that heats up your body. 


 virgo anger

This sign is generally short-tempered sun sign and they tend to react irresponsibly, which makes them repent later. Virgos are over thinkers and often punish themselves for other's wrongdoings. Controlling themselves can be tough for Virgos at times. 


Thus sign should worship the Sun God and read Hanuman Chalisa to cool down. Every Saturday they should donate black items and wear black clothes as well.


This sun sign is represented by a Scorpio in the literal sense and their temper equates to the symbol in every way! After Leos, Scorpio's temper is horrible. They generally are short-tempered and can blast at everything anytime. They have zero control over it and tend to be destructive enough to regret later. 


Scorpians should smear tika by mixing raw milk and kesar and worship Goddess Saraswati. 

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Generally, this sun sign has a calm demeanour but when they lose it they are scary. They can be very mean and hurtful with the usage of their words and can also lose out on their friends and family.


Yoga is the answer for this sun sign's lost cool. Before sleeping, mix rock salt in water and immerse your feet in it for 30 minutes every day. This cools down your mind and keeps you happy.


Aquarians have good control on their temper which is good and bad at the same time. Because when they lose it, it can be devastating for the one on the other end of the stick. Even if they have made their peace with the person, they tend to keep the sour memories within them. So it is best not to mess with people of this sun sign. 

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Chew on a green cardamom every day. Avoid having food items like maida, pumpkin, urad dal, chole, rajma, brinjal, and ladyfinger and anything else which heats up the body. 

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