This summer introduce some lively elements, rich details and an overarching eco-conscious perspective with a touch of originality to your abode. Give your home a makeover and embrace summer with these summer home decor trends of 2021

Interior Designer Punam Kalra, Creative Director of I'm the Centre for Applied Arts, has listed a few trends which will not just give your home a makeover but will also liven up the mood amid these dull days we are experincing due to the pandemic.

Colour Of The Year

colour pantone

The pantone colour of the year 2021 is the combination of gray and an illuminating yellow  which give the space a saturated wash. The colour combination adds drama and gives the home a plush look as well. 


Curves are embraced more than ever—cosy, cocooning solids shape a softer, dreamier aura in the homes. Wingback chairs and Crescent seaters are revisited with an avant-garde eye for style.

Earthen Palletes


Earthen palettes come out as the visually tranquilising tones that comfort the space—beige, amber, tan, amber, olive green and terracotta red. Bring home earthy hues in the form of wall décor or a statement furniture. Patterns like the ocean and the tropics, revive the ambience as wild florals or botanical abstracts in the backdrop. The elements are lured by everything ‘green’.



Spaces look breathable when you add green pockets. Calathea, cactus,  ferns in bright ceramic pots are a contemporary garden phenomenon. Brass, Natural wood and terracotta add the element of aesthetics. A terazzo planter looks ultra-chic bwith the luxe show of the material’s medley on the walls and the floors. The garden furniture like hand-weaved rattan and other eco-materials celebrate the ties to nature. 

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Wallapers & Hues

A personal touch to the cherished elements belonging to the past is bestowed upon the spaces by the Grandmillennial style. The edgy collections with a dainty backdated appeal bring back the wood, the wallpapers and the upholstery. There is a power play with soft curves and sharp geometry on an assortment of accessories—the mid-century classics are back with vibrant colour choices.


Cheerful, florals, wild figurines and metallic accents are in this year and do noy forget intimate, nostalgic recall of brute stonework and hardwood along the furniture which underlines contemporary country style in the interiors. Leather-upholstered armchairs, antique armoires, hand-scraped timber consoles are elements that will spruce up your home.

Organic Fabrics

This summer, add natural dyes and organic fabrics to your home decor. go for hemp, linen. Houseplants in brushed brass or polished marble décor look very elegant and chic.