The festivals are about to arrive and light up our homes with shades of love, togetherness and the joyous moments.  Rangolis are also one of the factors that add to the beauty of our festivities. The beautiful patterns signify a lot more than just patterns, they bring in positivity and divinity. And uplift the atmosphere with good vibrations. Rangolis symbolize happiness and prosperity in the Hindu mythology but ancient people were a great and extremely amazing artist and unfortunately, we are not. But we definitely know some tricks and hacks that can help us make a pretty and beautiful rangoli without any hassle.

Start With Small Shapes

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Well, it is always better to have a slow start than to have a quick end. Start by gradually making small shapes and patterns than join to make a big picture. Small patterns will also give the practice on what your flow should be and on what angles should you place your hands to create accurate and charming patterns. So, keep is simple and small. Try bringing perfection in your small designs and then aim for the big one at last.

Use Stuff Like Fevicol Bottles Or Earbuds

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This is a great hack to make flower petals and controlled designs. All you have to do is fill old fevicol bottles with coloured sand or rangoli colours and cut the nozzle with a broad opening and use it like a pen to draw shapes.  Further, you can also use earbuds to bring a smudge in the shapes. This hack will help you in avoiding the extra mess that can happen due to colour spillage.


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Use Bangles And Plates


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To make circular shapes you can use this hack and draw very accurate circles. Draw smaller circles using bangles, or bottle caps.  In addition to that, you can also use embroidery rings or plates that will help you make bigger circles. Just place the bangles and fill them with colours or if you want rings, then using the fevicol bottle, draw a circle with the reference of the outer circumference of the bangle. And, there you go your beautiful circular patterns are ready to be decorated.

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Add Natural Elements Such As Flowers And Leaves


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To make your rangoli more appealing, fill it up with natural flowers. Natural flowers enhance the entire look of your rangoli and add an additional fragrance to it too.  Further, natural elements such as leaves and flowers help you attract positive vibrations so you should definitely use them in your rangoli. As a part of a secret, flowers will also help you in covering the flaws in your rangoli and will make it look impeccable.

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Add Diyas To Your Rangoli

add diya

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Adding diyas is another thing to do to enhance your rangoli and make it even more attractive. When you will light up the diyas, it will highlight each part of your rangoli design and will take it closer to perfection. So, make your festivals more happening for you and gain everyone's attention at home.

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